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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Wyoming's Class of 2020 Pays It Forward

These fourth grade twins were super excited to receive goodie bags – and even more excited for middle school.

A look back at the kindness that held Wyoming together in the early days of the pandemic…

Eager to ease the heartaches in May, Class of 2020 parents organized an “Adopt a Senior” event where families would anonymously deliver a sweet note and a goodie to the home of a randomly assigned member of the class. This simple gesture brought much joy to the seniors, many who needed a little sunshine spread their way. 

 Caroline Cilley was happy to participate.

BUT, the seniors were not the only ones who missed special events this spring. 

So, the following week, seniors were eager to GIVE BACK by adopting a member of the Class of 2024, Wyoming’s eighth graders. The Class of 2024 missed their eighth grade trip to Chicago, the Wyoming Youth Services “formal” dance, the WMS Eighth Grade Ceremony, and their last May Fete as a middle schooler. 

John Nice was ready for some kite flying after receiving his gift bag. 

Seniors were encouraged to write a note to their adoptee eighth grader with advice and wisdom about life at Wyoming High School or add a “hand me down” piece of spirit wear. The eighth graders loved it. So, the following week, the Class of 2024 was inspired to pay it forward – to the Class of 2028, Wyoming’s fourth graders!  

Wyoming learned a valuable lesson during this pandemic, it always feels better to give than it does to receive! Enjoy the smattering of photos, many shared on Facebook as parents were eager to post happy photos during a dark time. 

Deonte Gray was surprised at the door with his gift.

Evan Prater posed on his decorated front porch with his Adopt a Senior gift, and he was inspired to give back the following week.

Senior Gavin Raymer handed down Wyoming Golf Team attire to eighth grader Ethan Renick.

 Wyoming fourth grader Claire Critzer was thrilled to receive a goodie bag from her eighth grader that included toilet paper!

Eighth grader Logan Fritsch was “adopted” by senior Elijah McGee, as he proudly shows off his “new” gifts.

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