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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Fort Thomas Coffee to Become First Commercial Business at One Highland

Christine Smalley of Fort Thomas Coffee shares more about being the first business to move into One Highland.
(Img: Greiwe Development)

By Jessie Eden

Greiwe Development announced on Monday that Fort Thomas Coffee, located at 118 N. Fort Thomas Avenue, will be the first commercial business at the One Highland development. The coffee shop, now owned by Justin and Christine Smalley, has been a staple in the community since 2012.

Greiwe Development says that Fort Thomas Coffee will be purchasing the corner location of the building which includes 3,600 sq. ft. of space. Fort Thomas Coffee plans on expanding and including a new bakery, wine bar and a flexible workspace in the location.

This week, Greiwe Development is inviting the community to visit Fort Thomas Coffee and congratulate Justin and Christine this Wednesday, August 12 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Justin and Christine purchased Fort Thomas Coffee in May 2019. They are members of the community who love Fort Thomas and embrace the idea of an active gathering space with modern amenities in the heart of downtown. Christine says they are so grateful for the opportunity to do so in a new space.

"We got the opportunity to share our vision for the ideal community space with the builder, architect, and contractor while in design phase. Enthusiastic about how our vision complimented the whole vision of One Highland, they generously made changes to prepare it to receive our expanded Fort Thomas Coffee concept," said Christine.

The location will also include a nod to local history. The corner space Fort Thomas Coffee will occupy will feature a tower, reminiscent of the stone tower at the entrance of Tower Park, which Christine’s maternal ancestor Henry Schriver built.

The Smalleys are really looking forward to getting started in their new location.

"We have felt so loved, cared for, and supported by our community from the moment we purchased the shop and especially throughout this unique 2020 year.," said Christine. "Getting the chance to give our town some of the very things they’ve asked us for and hoped to have in their community coffee shop is an absolutely joy. We can’t wait!"

Christine also shared with FTM what she is most thrilled about...we'll give you a's something sweet!

"I think I'm most excited about combining a variety of town favorites to more full embrace community at Fort Thomas Coffee. But, if I had to pick among the new workspace, kids area, wine bar or baker, I sure am excited about donuts!"

Fort Thomas Coffee will become the first commercial business at One Highland. This rendering shows the corner space that the shop will move into. (Img: Greiwe Development)

More Announcements Coming...

While the sale of the Fort Thomas Coffee commercial suite is the first to be announced, a second suite has already sold, which Greiwe Development will unveil some additional development announcements in the coming weeks. 

Additional announcements will be made in the coming weeks regarding commercial space. This rendering shows the south side of One Highland. (Img: Greiwe Development)

One Highland is expected to be completed in Spring 2022. The building will be a mix of businesses and condos. Residences at One Highland will commence sales in mid-September.

Information about the floor plans and finishes can be found at

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