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Friday, October 30, 2020

The Best Friday Ever - Wyoming Teacher Parade

The Zoller kids were excited about sharing their own sign with the parade. 

The skies parted and rain clouds disappeared just in time for one of the best afternoons in Wyoming history. Nope, it wasn’t May Fete, or the variety show, or even Relay for Life – this “best Friday ever” (as multiple students described to us), was on May 8, when to wrap up the traditional “Teacher Appreciation Week”, the teachers gave back to the community instead. 

And they came to us in huge numbers. 

Normally just seeing teachers outside of the classroom is a weird thing for students to process, but seeing 87 carloads of Wyoming teachers parade past your house is a sight to always remember.

The Wyoming Teacher Parade began at Wyoming Middle School and it meandered its way through our 2.8 square mile community driving over 17 miles. 


They drove past every member of the Class of 2020’s homes during the parade, leaving the 162 soon- to-be-graduates beaming with Cowboy pride. From the high school teachers who wrote the name of every senior in their class on their car, to the primary school teacher who put all their former student’s photos on the side of their truck, it made for a most special afternoon for all 2200 Wyoming students. 

Many thanks to all the teachers for making a difficult spring that much sweeter, and thanks too to the administration for coordinating this huge effort on behalf of the students. 

The Wyoming community salutes you all!

The McPhail kids were lucky to live on a street with eight seniors, so they cheered right in front of their own house. 

Laura Coomer, one of the high school music teachers, wrote the names of her senior students on her car – most of whom had been in her classroom for eight years!

The Wyoming Teacher Parade was led by the Wyoming Police Department on its 17 mile route through the community.

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