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Friday, October 30, 2020

Celebrating Indian Hill’s Class of 2020 and 2024

 When a whole-class graduation ceremony seemed unlikely in May, families created their own backyard celebrations.

While local eighth grade and high school celebrations had a decidedly different look this year, what will be remembered most is the creativity and resourcefulness of school administrators, teachers, parents and students in making their graduation season one to remember.  

As school district officials continually shifted plans for sharing accolades and diplomas, socially distant “pop-up” events were taking place across neighborhoods in May and June.  

Indian Hill High School’s official graduation took place on Thursday, June 25 with staggered three in-person ceremonies held in front of the school’s rotunda.  

The traditional tossing of the caps looked a bit different this year (photo courtesy of Keith Klenowki)

This celebration was preceded by a number virtual presentations and smaller, in person spirited gatherings in May that include Class of 2020 Senior Home Portraits, the Senior Celebration of Excellence, and the Senior Farewell Drive.  

Many thanks to school photographer Keith Klenowski (Six Bridges Photography) and the many parents and friends of the community who shared their photos with us!

A message to Indian Hill’s seniors from Superintendent Kirk Koennecke appears below.


Indian Hill High School Class of 2020:


We asked of you something that we have not asked of any graduating class before you. In the midst of crisis; in the midst of uncertainty; in the midst of anxiety – we called upon you to Be the Light.

You, who learned here.

You, who served here.

You, who created here.

 Our senior students.

You are who we looked to for inspiration, and it is to you we will continue to look to use your light to guide us into the future. You have been Brave. We are so proud.

This is what we want you to remember as you enter the next chapter in the story of your life: when you feel lost; when you feel uncertain; when you feel darkness – come home to what you learned here. This is the place that gave you fuel. You grew in this space; it nourished you.

Let this place continue to serve as your lighthouse to guide you. Let this place be the one that lives in your memory as one of safety and love.

Your Brave family will always be right here.

Class of 2020, you have made history; you will make history. We are so excited to see the bright future you create for yourself and for our world.

We bid you farewell as students; we greet you now as Indian Hill High School alumni.

Never forget: You are, and you always will be, Braves. Lead on.

Eighth graders (front to back) Maggie Petrie, Macy McNabb, KeeganSheanshang, Sophia Chen, Paige Ledwin, Abby Replogle, Amelia Decker, Delaney Quinn, Hope Ledwin and Molly Jutze celebrate with their “Class of 2024” signs.

Jillian Rice, Sarah Stephens, Parker Hayes, Claudia Hollander

Charlie Lindberg, Anna Mayeux, Alex Lindberg

In true COVID style, members of the class of 2020 pose with diplomas.

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