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Friday, October 9, 2020

Blincoe Family Dentistry welcomes third generation of dental family to its practice

Drs. Todd, Jennifer, and Tyler Blincoe. 

When Dr. David Kramer graduated from Loyola Dental School in 1959, he opened his dental practice in Fort Mitchell in 1962, in a building between Greyhound Tavern and then Herzog Jewelers. Dr. Kramer later moved his practice to a building on Orphanage Road where his daughter Jennifer, and her husband, Dr. Todd Blincoe, set up practice when they graduated from Louisville School of Dentistry in 1990. Jennifer’s father remained in practice for 32 years until his retirement in 2000.

Now, welcoming its third generation of family dentists, Dr. Tyler Blincoe will join his mother and father at Blincoe Family Dentistry on Orphanage Road.

Dr. David Kramer opened his dental practice in Fort Mitchell in 1962. His daughter Jennifer and son-in-law Todd Blincoe, set up practice in Ft. Mitchell after completing dental school. Now, third generation Todd Blincoe joins the family practice. 

“We have patients who were patients of my dad’s,” says Jennifer Blincoe. “Living and working in Fort Mitchell has been a wonderful experience.”

Blincoe says it’s been great to see the many positive changes happening in Fort Mitchell, especially with the addition of new businesses. 

“One of the best parts of our practice of over 30 years has been seeing people who came to us as young children now bringing their children to us for their dental care,” says Blincoe. “We have many families that come to us that their parents or grandparents started with Dr. Kramer in the 60's. It truly has been a blessing to work and live in such an amazing city.

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