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Friday, October 30, 2020

2020 and Beyond - A Wyoming Senior Celebration

Max Lackey was surprised by the University of Cincinnati Bearcat in his yard. Go Max, Go Cats!

Traditionally on May 1, Wyoming High School hosts a celebration for the seniors to announce their plans for the following year. May 1 has always been the national college decision day, so Wyoming planned for a “2020 and Beyond” celebration that was inclusive and festive. 

But 2020 had a different plan, as schools were shuttered and colleges pushed back acceptance dates. Being a senior stuck in quarantine was difficult enough, so new ideas and ways to celebrate were created. And on May 1, a new tradition was born…. 

Friday, May 1 parents were encouraged to surprise their senior by hanging a college flag, making a poster to announce their plans for next year, or hanging balloons to “fly it high, make it BIG, embarrass them, and let's remind these seniors that we love them, we miss them, we are proud of them.” And the parents delivered on the BIG challenge.

Later in the day a team of parents delivered each senior a cookie from Wyoming Pastry Shop, followed by Wyoming’s administration delivering “Class of 2020” signs to every senior yard. Walking or driving around Wyoming that beautiful May day was a joy to celebrate so many senior students and the diverse, and inclusive, class they have become. Congratulations to all 162 seniors for the years of hard work!

Here are a few of our favorite photos and yards from the celebratory day.

Tori Brown’s yard was decked out for a warmer climate with a light-up palm tree and beachy d├ęcor to celebrate her path to Florida Atlantic University.

Shelby Anderson woke to huge signs in her yard to celebrate her next journey at the College of Maryville. 

Dorian Harper had a big smile to share as he announced he is headed to the University of Louisville. 

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