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Friday, September 11, 2020

The Season That Wasn’t - A Salute to Wyoming High School Seniors

Congratulations to Thomas Stickney, Adriaan DeLange, Cooper Kadish, Gavin Raymer, Ben Judge, and Josh Parker for the long years and hard work it took to be a member of the Wyoming High School Baseball Team.

This spring was not what the 39 senior athletes from Wyoming High School imagined it would be. Their final season, their senior night, their sports awards ceremonies – all gone before they even began. The grieving is real, and the loss cannot be replaced.

And the athletes aren’t alone. There were also seven seniors prepared for a Science Olympiad send-off event and another seven scheduled to participate in the Wyoming Theatre Arts Department’s spring play. The Black Student Union (BSU)/Avid organization led by seniors couldn’t regroup and plan for next year after their successful February events. There are yearbook committees, and an editorial staff at Horizon (the school newspaper), and the Icarus (literary magazine) seniors who couldn’t finish what they started.

There are the newer organizations like Wyoming Speaks and Women’s Equality Club – both which missed big spring speaking and movie events they had planned. Latin Club and Model UN both cancelled their spring conferences for which seniors had paid and planned. The 60 music seniors all lost their final concerts of their careers – a chance to be acknowledged and celebrated with students they have grown with over the years. A “May Fete Royal Court” - never happened. And perhaps the largest list of participants would be from the Relay for Life, which never even had the chance to launch this year. The list feels never ending in many ways because it is. And it stinks. And we are so sorry.

Many students are told during this pandemic, “there’s always next year.” But for the Class of 2020, the abrupt ending and the loss of so many games, events, concerts, ceremonies, and milestones they had practiced and planned for – the final loss is just that much harder. You are in our hearts, now and forever, for accepting and sacrificing and complying with a new world that will be a better place because of your sacrifice - one day soon.

Here’s to the seniors who missed a season – Wyoming loves you!

 Thirteen senior boys were planning on playing one final season together on the Wyoming High School Boys Lacrosse Team – and three of them will continue careers in college. Thank you for the years of great fun and memories to Sam Popovitz, Will Kennedy, Drew Vollette, Jack Babb, Lucas Plante, Collin Bornholdt, Jon Rittenhous, AJ Washienko, Max Lackey, Harry Powes, Sam Rossi, Trevor Vollette, and Sam Taylor.

On and off the tennis court, these senior boys were a joy to watch – thanks Sam Mota, Michael Ford, and Charlie Komrska!

These five girls have had a great lacrosse experience – and Lauren will continue to play in college! Congratulations to Lauren Rutherford, Abby Buysee, Caroline Zackerman, Brigid Simmons, and Lucy Spera.

Combined boys and girls track is a great opportunity for many athletes to participate in an additional sport with the extra training while having fun. Thanks for the memories to Chris Izenson, Claire Carmichael, Gabe Bunton, Raven Small, John Nice, Catrice Chambers, Ava Batsel, Olivia Alberto, Cidaruh Jones, Anna Helser, Calle , and Aidan Stevens.

After a great season the Science Olympiad Team was lucky enough to be able to make it to their last competition of the year. The seven seniors (most of whom have been together in group since fifth grade) finished strong with many medaling but unfortunately were not able to have the traditional end of the year send-off made by the underclassmen to celebrate their time together as a team. Left to right: Shelby Anderson, Sue Auerback, Claire Kaddora, Grace Desserich, Meghan Hudepohl, Tori Brown, and Abby Shores.

Wyoming Speaks is a newer organization dedicated to bringing engaging speakers into the high school to expand minds and discuss ideas. The final two speakers of the year were cancelled. Left to right: Annie Elliott, Connor Moore, Sal Giolando, Diego Rodriguez-Sanchez, Tiffany Johnston, and Margaret Weber.

The seniors who were a part of the spring play that was cancelled, gathered one last time with Director Linda Baker where she gave the traditional year end ceremony in a non-traditional way - outdoors and distanced, left to right: Suzanne Barnes, Leland Grant, Sam Steed, Director Linda Baker, Sal Giolando, Kaitlyn Palermo, and Annie Elliott.

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