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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The World Has Changed: Hilltop Primary Student Reflects on the Pandemic

Sebastian received a new basketball hoop to spend more time outdoors since the quarantine started. 

By Sebastian Collier
Hilltop Primary Fourth Grader

Confusion. Things changed in a blink of an eye. Our lives seem to be completely different because of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus, or Covid-19, is a virus that has come into our world and changed everyone’s lives. The virus is really contagious. In fact, people become sick from this without even knowing, can make other people very ill, may need to go to the hospital, and thousands of people all over the world have died already. Doctors can’t find a cure for Covid-19, and people have had to change the way they live. My life as a kid has also changed too. Three ways life has changed for me are school has become virtual, I am stuck at home, and I am with my parents all of the time now.

After my school shut down, we started having to do a big packet of worksheets that our teachers made for us and my parents had to pick up at a certain time at school. Teachers also assign remote work over the computer. So, now when teachers assign us to do something we sometimes have to print it out at home to work on it. Instead of handing in my work to my teacher in class, I have to email it to them or send it on FlipGrid. Online Zoom class meetings started where we can ask and answer our teachers' questions. 

Some of the meetings are just to say, “Hi.” I think it is a great idea for us to have virtual classes because it makes us less stressed over Covid-19. I get to see everyone in my grade while not having to be at school and possibly getting sick. I miss my teachers and having all of my specials classes. I miss recess. I miss my friends and hope they are all okay and not getting sick.

Since Covid-19 might be airborne, everybody should stay home. I am lucky because my grandparents came to live with us when everything started shutting down so we could help take care of them. I wish I could play outside with my friends. I would also love to be playing soccer which was supposed to start at the Rec Center. I was really happy, though, to start Zoom yoga so I could see more kids and do something fun. Having to stay at home feels like someone has put us all in different boxes and we have to be in them for a very long time without even knowing when we can ever come out. 

Sebastian created this found materials self portrait for art class – with a basketball, coins, peeps, and a face mask - definitely a creative memory for the scrapbook!

It’s great having my parents around all the time, but also weird at the same time. I’m used to seeing my friends eight hours a day, five days a week and my dads being at work. Now, I see my parents during those times, my dads are working in our house, and my friends and I only see each other for less than one hour, three times a week and it’s only over the computer! I’m starting to feel like I can't even remember things that happened at school, because I am home all the time. 

However, while at home, I am able to do lots of things with my dads more often. Once my school work is done for the day, we like building with Legos, cooking, baking, doing puzzles, and playing basketball in my driveway with the goal that our family friends put together for me when school shut down. It is fun to working and doing things together more. Although I still miss my friends and school, I am enjoying my special time with my Daddy and Pop.

To wrap up, Covid-19 was a big surprise and has affected me and people around the world in many ways. But, I am healthy and I hope my friends are too. We are lucky. We have a lot of brave people who are working hard to keep us safe and healthy. However, there are a lot of people in this world that are having a really hard time and a lot of people have died. I hope everyone stays safe and happy. 

Also... please remember to wash your hands and wear face masks!

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