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Monday, May 25, 2020

Wyoming High School Orchestra and Choir Students in Disney World

Editor's Note: 
One hundred and forty members of Wyoming High School’s Concert Choir and Orchestra had the great fortune to travel to Walt Disney World in February. They not only visited all four parks, but they also participated in workshops with professional Disney musicians, and performed for large crowds in Disney Springs. Several students wrote about their experience to share with Wyoming.

Thank you to writers Paige Jerrell, Annabelle Walton, and Natalie Glover, and to teachers Laura Coomer and Brian Potts, to all the parent and teacher chaperones, and to all the students for sharing their photos and their smiles to uplift us all at a time when we need it most.

The entrance at Epcot was a perfect backdrop for photos.

My Disney Experience 

By Paige Jerrell

The trip to Disney is surely one I won’t be forgetting about anytime soon! From trying some of the stellar food offerings at Epcot for their International Festival, to the theming that immersed you in the experience of Pandora, the parks were very different from what I had experienced at Cedar Fair parks like Kings Island or Cedar Point. You could tell how well maintained the parks were from how clean they were, and how smooth the rides were. The workshop that the orchestra did was engaging and helped me to appreciate the work that goes into recording the soundtracks for movies. The orchestra’s tour director did a wonderful job and told me about some things in the parks I wouldn’t have done if he hadn’t recommended them to me. Although we had some issues with our buses near the end, it was still an incredible experience!

These Wyoming High School music students were hanging out with Mickey in Epcot.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity 

By Annabelle Walton

Having the chance to go to Disney World as a choir was a once in a lifetime opportunity! The time we spent there was filled with singing, friends, rides, yummy food, and so much more! Our first day was spent in Magic Kingdom where we got to meet so many famous Disney characters, ride some of the most iconic rides in the world, and realize that we all missed the feeling of sun on our skin. Despite everyone's feet being sore from all the walking, we stayed to watch the Happily Ever After firework spectacular!

These Chorale performers had a great day in Animal Kingdom.

Day two was spent in Animal Kingdom where we met up with the WHS orchestra which while it had rainy moments, spirits were lifted once we arrived at our Disney workshop! Once there, our choir learned a medley of two songs from the movie, Frozen, and a dance routine from one of the retired Main Street parade dances. Day three was spent at Epcot where we were able to "walk around the world", trying all sorts of different and unique foods, before singing on the Marketplace Stage in Disney Springs, where we performed a multitude of Disney classics. We finished it off with a delicious buffet and the famous Epcot Forever firework show.

Last but certainly not least, we finished our trip off with a bang by going to Hollywood Studios, where the majority of us spent our time in long lines, waiting to scream our lungs out on the Tower of Terror, the Rock 'n Rollercoaster, and so many more. Overall, we all spent a lot of time walking, screaming, shopping, taking pictures, and soaking up the Florida sun!! We are all so grateful for this incredible experience and we would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible, Mr. Potts and all the amazing chaperones!

Cinderella’s Castle was the perfect place to celebrate the sun and the fun with Caitlin, Caroline, Montana, Peyton, and Lucy.

Grateful for the Opportunity 

By Natalie Glover

This past February, four excitement-filled busses went down to Disney World to give the kids in orchestra and choir the incredible opportunity to not only enjoy all of the amazing rides that the parks have to offer, but also see what it would be like to be a professional musician for Disney. The trip gave all of the students’ memories we will never forget. From screaming our heads off on the Tower of Terror, to recording and performing Disney music in Disney Springs, we all had a wonderful time.

There were definitely some crowd favorite rides! The brand-new Avatar ride, Flight of Passage, allows you to experience a breathtaking journey on the back of a banshee, while the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run immerses you in the thrilling Star Wars universe. The two rides definitely lived up to our expectations and were well worth the long lines.

The Wyoming High School Concert Choir performed at Disney Springs before a large crowd of spectators.
In addition to these amazing rides, we were also able to record Disney music, and have it put over animation. In our orchestra workshop, we spent the first hour learning the best ways to sight read music, and how to make it performance ready in a limited amount of time, just as Disney musical performers have to do every day. We also got to record ourselves playing a selection of songs from Moana and went home with our very own copy of the animation with our music playing over it.

Overall, the trip was something none of us will ever forget, and one we are especially grateful to have gone on before the parks closed. It’s easier to get through these difficult times knowing that we were able to go on rollercoasters, meet princesses and eat all of the over-priced food we wanted not too long ago. The trip not only gave us these incredible memories, but also taught us lessons that will help us improve as musicians.

Maxine, Ian, Olive, and Danielle enjoyed the sun and the rides in the Magic Kingdom.

Adventure Land in Magic Kingdom was perfect with Chip (or Dale?) and these Choir students.

Wyoming High School Orchestra Director Laura Coomer brought her granddaughter on the trip – her first time at an amusement park and she loved it (of course)!

Finding quiet corners to relax was easy for these orchestra students to do in Epcot.

The choir students and chaperones posed in front of the iconic Magic Kingdom entrance.

Choir Director Brian Potts with accompanist Brenda Hartman and teacher chaperone Lynn Denney found Nemo.

The Wyoming High School Orchestra travelled all the way to Disney with their instruments safely stored under the bus to perform for the crowds at Disney Springs.

Joy from Inside Out brought joy to the choir students.
Mr. Potts was ready for Soarin’ sitting in between Cathy and Annabelle and Tori.
The freshman choir students had a great first high school trip.

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