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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dorothy Wood Foundation now Redwood Foundation

Dorothy Wood served as the Redwood agency’s first executive director from 1958 to her passing in 1976.

The Dorothy Wood Foundation is now the Redwood Foundation.

The name change was announced in February by The Dorothy Wood Foundation Board President, Phillip J. Schworer. The Board voted to adopt the Doing Business As (DBA) name of the Redwood Foundation.

“The name change was done to help the community to clearly understand that the endowment held by The Dorothy Wood Foundation supports Redwood,” says Carol Serrone, Chief Philanthropy Officer for the Northern Kentucky special needs, nonprofit facility.

Dorothy Wood served as the Redwood agency’s first executive director from 1958 to her passing in 1976.

Three years later, through the encouragement of Redwood board member, Jon Von Lehman, Dorothy’s husband Al Wood founded The Dorothy Wood Foundation Trust.

“In February 1979, the foundation was started with a $100 donation,” Von Lehman said at the time.

Today, the foundation has grown to almost three million dollars.

Al Wood, who, in 1953, along with Dorothy and Bill and Sue Reder, co-founded Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center, specifying that trust proceeds were to further the cause of rehabilitating children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Present-day Foundation Board President Schworer says the Redwood Foundation will continue and not waver from its primary mission.

“The foundation was formed to serve children and adults with disabilities far into the future,” says Schworer. “The leaders of the foundation who went before us worked hard to achieve that mission.”

Redwood’s endowment is housed within The Redwood Foundation. The Redwood Foundation exceeded its 2015 Living Legacy campaign goal by receiving more than two million dollars in donations in the endowment.

Contributions to the endowment ensured that more people with disabilities, as well as their families, get the support they need.

The Foundation acquired its own 501 © (3) status in 2008.

Redwood, a nonprofit, special needs facility, today services some 800 clients from six-weeks of age to 85 years old.

Clients produce and host a cable television show – the only one of its kind in Northern Kentucky – in conjunction with the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky.

The broadcast – What’s Good from the Wood – airs twice weekly on Cincinnati Bell Channel 821 and Spectrum Channel 185.

Perhaps Schworer, who is an attorney with Frost, Brown, Todd LLC, summed things up best when he said.

“We stand ready to continue to achieve the mission of The Redwood Foundation,” says Schworer. “With the passion, hope and generosity of our entire community, I know we can succeed.”

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