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Monday, May 25, 2020

Around Town: Wyoming High School’s The Addams Family

These seniors have been involved in the Wyoming Theatre Arts Department as actors, musicians, and behind the scenes – many for all four years of high school. Due to the COVID 19 quarantine, many did not get to participate in their final high school play that was scheduled for April. Best wishes to all of them on their next journey!

Photos by Rod Apfelbeck

The Addams Family, a musical based on the characters from the popular television show from the 1960s, was performed at Wyoming High School on February 28, 29, and March 1. As the pit orchestra played the overture, it became clear that the nearly sold out audience was familiar with the catchy television theme song as they snapped along in unison in anticipation of the curtains opening.

Those who were lucky enough to see Wyoming High School’s production of the musical The Addams Family will recall the scene where Grandma Addams says “define normal” in response to granddaughter Wednesday wanting her family to have “one normal night.” Grandma Addams (played by the talented Anna Seyerle) was almost prophetic with that line as our new normal family lives are quite different right now than they were on March 1 when the students performed their final show.

The over 65 members of the student cast, crew, and orchestra are especially grateful they had the opportunity to perform this year, as many of their friends in surrounding schools had their musicals cancelled due to the quarantine (watch Laura Benanti’s #sunshinesongs online to support students across the country with this misfortune). These Wyoming students in front of the curtain, behind the curtain, and in the pit orchestra put in every ounce of time that any sports team does – rehearsals can run four-six hours a day for five days a week, yet they only have one weekend of shows instead of a season of games. It is a real loss for the seniors who also learned that their final play, Rumors, would not be performed due to the stay at home orders.

Thank you to all of you who support the arts in Wyoming – keep it up after our “new normal” evolves. A special thanks to the tireless leadership of director Linda Baker, producer Laura Coomer, and music director Ron Attreau who worked hard every rehearsal to make this a wonderful experience for Wyoming.

The entire cast, crew, pit orchestra, and directors of The Addams Family at Wyoming High School after their final performance.

The pit orchestra was led by Ron Attreau (top center), who kept the musicians working hard and sounding perfect.

The set, which was designed and created by the talented students and mentors, was visually stunning.

The deceased ancestors in the musical were decked out in bright, colorful attire.

Wyoming High School Drama Director, Linda Baker, gave a final set of notes after the final dress rehearsal.

This hard-working tech crew prefers to be behind the scenes instead of in photos.

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