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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Wyoming Recognizes Nine Distinguished Citizens of the Year 2019

Congratulations to the Wyoming Citizens of the Year!  Left to right: Tony Ramsetter, Cathy Ramsetter, Karen Jordan, Kim Hinkle, Emma Bernay, Carol Pagliaro, Dennis Brown, Ken Chen, and Brenda Beeson Pantalone.  Photo by Missy Marty.  

By Victory Lee

From the first ceremony in 1986 to this year, the Citizen of the Year Award has recognized distinguished individuals in the Wyoming community dedicated to service. The award celebrates citizen participation and volunteerism that promotes the sense of community and enriches life in Wyoming.

This year's Citizen of the Year award ceremony (held in January 28 in the high school Pendery auditorium) remarked the selfless work of nine exceptional Wyoming citizens: Emma Bernay, Dennis Brown, Ken Chen, Kim Hinkel, Karen Jordan, Carol Pagliaro, Brenda Beeson Pantalone, Tony and Cathy Ramstetter.

Emma Bernay is an award-winning writer who was recognized as the 2018 Writer-in-Residence with the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. She has volunteered and been involved in activities for people with disabilities, economically disadvantaged children, and has served for the PSA and the Wyoming Junior Woman's Club.

Dennis Brown was introduced by Laura Murley as a natural teacher, a community builder, and a dedicated firefighter. He teaches fire safety to preschoolers, coaches the Wyoming Middle School Science Olympiad team, and has helped build facilities like the Friendship Preschool playground.
Ken Chen, senior in Wyoming High School, was introduced by his friend Caitlin as an amazing cellist and a dedicated volunteer for the community. Ken tutored middle school students, led activities and trained volunteers at the public library, and played cello for the residents at Maple Knoll Village and Cedar Village.

Kim Hinkel is a creative educator, a compassionate leader, and gentle advocate for children. She has served as a room parent, a PAC rep, and parent volunteer for the Wyoming Swim Club Swordfish swim team. She is especially committed to welcoming new families into the community and working for communication between schools and families.

Karen Jordan has generously devoted for the youth in Wyoming. She has served as a room parent, chaperone for field trips, yearbook volunteer, youth group volunteer, and PAC rep. She further supports primary and middle school families through the New Family Liaison program.
Carol Pagliaro was presented by Radu Pavel as a loving inspiration for young adults. In her 50s, Carol became a certified firefighter and has served as a volunteer firefighter since 2004. She gives tours of the fire station and teaches high school students through the Fire Cadet Program. Her consistency and dedication inspire students that anyone can serve.

Brenda Beeson Pantalone has worked with students of all ages. With her past career as an educator, she served as a PSA room parent, PAC chairman for the high school, and a board member of the Wyoming School Foundation. As co-founder of the Wyoming Science and Technology Camp, she has inspired students to love and enjoy science.

Tony and Cathy Ramstetter have worked to share their enthusiasm in architecture with the community. By hosting tours of Twin Oaks, they've inspired young students to learn more about Wyoming's history. In addition to hosting fundraisers for the Wyoming Historical Society, they've made generous donations and founded a nonprofit, Successful Healthy Children to support students in research.

This year's Citizen of the Year ceremony was a meaningful opportunity to remember the work of the nine people that have brightened Wyoming. To share more about the inspiring contributions of Wyoming residents, fill out and submit the nomination forms that can be found in the City of Wyoming website.

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