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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Wyoming High School Sophomore Kyle Anderson Achieves Eagle Scout Rank

Wyoming High School student Kyle Anderson achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. 

Kyle Anderson, a Wyoming High School sophomore and member of Troop 947 with the Boy Scouts of American, has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the Scout's highest rank.

Kyle's Eagle Scout Service Project was to build a "Chicken Tractor" (mobile chicken coop) for the Gorman Heritage Farm in Evendale.

A chicken tractor is a movable chicken coop that allows free ranging along with shelter, providing chickens fresh areas to forage grass, weeds, and bugs. Chicken tractor designs vary, but they all contain an enclosed nesting area, a chicken "run" covered with wired mesh to protect them from predators, and a frame with wheels so you can easily move it to different locations.

The term chicken tractor comes from the chickens performing many functions normally performed using a modern farm tractor: functions like digging and weeding the soil in preparation for planting trees or crops or fertilizing and weeding to enhance the growth of crops and trees already planted.

Gorman Heritage Farm is a 122-acre nonprofit, working farm with a mission to educate about agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment. The vision of Gorman Heritage Farm is to "cultivate an informed, involved community dedicated to building healthy futures. They teach today's youth the values of self-reliance, stewardship, service, fun experiential learning, and meaningful labor."

Kyle chose to do his Eagle Scout project for Gorman Heritage Farm as a way to thank them for what they had done for him when he was younger. For five summers, starting when he was six years old, Kyle attended Gorman's summer youth day camps. During those summers he learned about farming, cooking, survival skills, personal responsibility, and how to take care of farm animals.

Kyle designed this Chicken Tractor -- a mobile chicken coop.  

Kyle started building the chicken tractor in the fall and delivered it to Gorman Heritage Farm in November. It took over 220 hours to complete and nine people were involved in Kyle's project.
Kyle started his Scouting journey in second grade when he joined Cub Scouts and he has been working toward his goal of achieving Eagle Scout for over eight years.

Eagle Scout Requirements (A partial list):

1. Earn 21 merit badges (13 of the 21 are required: Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communications, Cooking, Emergency Preparedness, Sustainability, Family Life, First Aid, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Swimming).

2. Plan, develop, and give leadership on an Eagle Scout Service Project. It is the opportunity for the Scout to demonstrate leadership of others while performing a project for the benefit of an organization, religious institution, or school. The project is not allowed to benefit the Boy Scouts of America and cannot be of a commercial nature.

3. Successfully complete a Board of Review for the Eagle Scout rank.

Kyle's steady, persistent progress through the ranks to achieve this prestigious award demonstrates his determination to prepare himself for a meaningful, productive role in society. His ability to reach the pinnacle in Scouting has taught him skills that will serve him the rest of his life.

Outside of scouting, Kyle can also be found on the baseball field at Wyoming High School.

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