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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Wyoming Girl Scout Cadettes Earn Silver Award

Cadette Troop 43517 delivered supplies to Bethany House and the Esther Marie Hatton Center for Women, left to right:  Maysen Collinsworth, Chloe Scruggs, Mirabelle Domka, Lucy Schrager, Hollis Hays, and Jami Richards. 

Congratulations to members of Wyoming Girl Scouts Cadette Troops 43517 and 47608 who earned their Silver Award this year. 

The recognized girls are all freshman at Wyoming High School (WHS).

Silver Award recipients in Cadette Troop 43517 were Maysen Collinsworth, Mirabelle Domka, Hollis Hays, Jami Richards, Lucy Schrager, and Chloe Scruggs. This Troop started by holding numerous bake sales so that they could purchase items to benefit two shelters in Cincinnati: Bethany House and the Esther Marie Hatton Center for Women (Shelterhouse). With the money raised Bethany House received an iPad that will primarily be available for kids to do homework and to help adults search for jobs.

Two students from Troop 47608 earned their Silver award.

Isabella Cox worked at Fall Festival to raise money to support the Wyoming softball program. 

The first student, Isabella Cox (above), focused on the WHS softball program. She hopes her efforts will grow the high school softball program in years to come. She spoke with middle school and youth girls about the value of sticking with the sport in high school while she raised money to purchase equipment for the WHS softball program. She ran a booth at both the Wyoming Fall Festival and the Holiday One Stop Shop event to raise these funds.

Kayley DeWitt built bookcases and collected over 700 books to donate to Bethany House. 

The second student in Troop 47608 to earn her Silver Award was Kayley DeWitt (above). Kayley built two bookcases and obtained donations of over 700 books as well as baby clothes and diapers to deliver to Bethany House for the children staying in the shelter. The book donations ranged from baby board books all the way up to high school age. Kayley recommended Bethany House add gently used books to their donation requests and for Bethany House to provide a book to each student as they transition out of the shelter with their family.

Congratulations to all of these hard-working scouts!

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