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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Where Are They Now: Joey Howell Makes Art at Burning Man Festival

Joey Howell, a Wyoming High School grad,  was a part of the team Salt Mind that created Classic Slide for the 2018 Burning Man.
Joseph (Joey) Howell, a member of the Wyoming High School Class of 2006, was the creative mind responsible for a major art installation at Burning Man this year. 

What is Burning Man? Burning Man is a week-long event that is held in the Black Rock desert in northern Nevada called Black Rock City -- which becomes a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. Tens of thousands of people gather every year, and "in this crucible of creativity, all are welcome". (To learn more, visit

 Joey Howell was the lead designer on this Burning Man installation in 2019.
His project, built with the production team of Salt Mind, was one of 70 chosen from a field of 375 to receive an Honorarium for the 2019 Burn. Joey was the lead designer of Welcome Home -- which is quite literally a living room -- 12 feet in the air. Decked out in mid-century modern furniture, kitschy collectibles (original viewfinders!), and chairs that hang over the edge, the Salt Mind website describes it as, "This bizarrely tall American dream home invites participants to relax and explore intimate interactions from an unexpected vantage." 
Wyoming Roots Lead to DAAP and then to Salt Lake City
As a Wyoming High School student, Joey loved all the various AP art courses offered at the school. The art exposure inspired him to seek a degree in art. He graduated from the school of DAAP at the University of Cincinnati (UC) in 2011 with a degree in Graphic Design, and several great co-oping experiences on the resume. Next stop -- the American west.

Billy Goat Creative
After UC, Joey moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to "combine his love of the mountains and passion for visual design". In Salt Lake City he started Billy Goat Creative, a design business with the mission "to ensure your company has a professional and consistent image in an increasingly saturated visual landscape." Through Billy Goat Creative, Joey has provided creative support for numerous clients, including the Sundance Film Festival and the Utah Olympic Park.

Salt Mind
Five years ago, Salt Mind originated as the Utah contingent of the Burning Man camp Armageddon. The group consists of 20 men and women bringing their various backgrounds - in design, engineering, fashion, photography, and more - to the common goal of creating unforgettable experiences through interactive art. They also host annual events in Utah as well as have a large presence at the Utah burn.

The slide is 25' in the air and goes off the back of the moving work of art. 

Before Welcome Home was created in 2019, the Salt Mind team created a red and white striped 30' long and 25' tall mobile circus tent titled Classic Slide. As the name suggests, it features a giant slide -- but also "there is a lounge space with room for 20, a sound system, and circus ringmasters who provide a lively atmosphere for everyone nearby". Classic Slide with its whimsical entertainment is available for events (wishing it were much closer to Wyoming!).

To learn more about Joey, Billy Goat Creative, or Salt Mind, visit or

 Joey Howell was a member of the Wyoming High School Class of 2006.

Welcome Home installation provided opportunities to relax in a mid-century modern living room, 12' off the ground in the Nevada desert. 

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