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Sunday, April 26, 2020

"Chalking Your Walk" Brings Positive Messages

Mary Kate Brachle and her chalk art

By Moira Grainger

The silver lining these days can still be found in our stressful time amid a global coronavirus pandemic.  While communities maintain social distancing, a colorful movement of positivity is making its way around town.

Outside the Petrie home, messages of hope and encouragement with a call to "stay healthy!"

A recent post circulating on social media invited local residents who are observing stay-at-home orders to reach out to others with bright messages of hope etched onto sidewalks and driveways, designed to cheer neighbors taking an otherwise solitary walk.

"Chalk your walk" artwork could be found in a number of Indian Hill neighborhoods -- here are a few happy examples with a great take-away message!

Maggie and Lanie Petrie with their creations

Maggie Brachle with her colorful creation

Luke Brachle with his creative drawing that includes a "broccoli" in the center to mirror "Brachle"

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