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Friday, February 7, 2020

Northern Kentucky's (F)luke Skywalker: "I'm here to rescue you."

NKY-based "Fluke" Skywalker raises money for kids at Children's Hospital.

By Jessie Eden 

Local ‘Skywalker-impersonator’ raises money for kids at Children’s Hospital and here’s how you can be a hero and help him!

It’s the time of year where more people tend to give back...but for one local man, that generosity continues throughout the year in a galaxy *not* so far away.

Meet “Fluke Skywalker” — yes, he’s a “Luke Skywalker” look-alike. He bears such a resemblance to Mark Hamill that he’s been mistaken for him repeatedly. He was even surrounded by hundreds of people at a Comic Con convention in San Diego because, well, people were CONVINCED he was Mark Hamill.

He even fooled people at the Red’s Opening Day Parade this year. Even Mark Hamill said “He looks more like me THAN ME!”

How does one end up with this unique skill set? It started with massive weight loss and a comment from a guy at a Lowe’s store. On a normal trip to the hardware store, the worker stopped Fluke and said “Hey buddy! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Mark Hamill?!” That’s when the wheels started turning and “Fluke Skywalker” was born.

The rest is, well, Hamill history.

Now, let’s get this out in the open. Yes, this local man has a legal name that he was born with. No, it isn’t Mark Hamill or Fluke Skywalker...but instead of focusing on his real identity, Fluke prefers to be...well, just Fluke. It’s not about the guy behind Fluke. The man behind Fluke humbly submits to the Hamill identity that helps him do what he loves.


Why? Because being Fluke allows him to do what he loves; raise money to buy toys for kids receiving medical care at Ronald McDonald house and for The Dragonfly Foundation.

This special toy fund at Ronald McDonald House and the Dragonfly Foundation goes toward children undergoing treatment for various diseases. Fluke says a toy can help a child take a break from the pain and stress of the hospital and allow them to just be a kid for a little bit. He says a new toy goes a long way in the eyes of a child managing a chronic illness. “I go about every three months,” said Fluke. “They have a toy closet, where everything is donated, for kids after operations. They can go to the closet and pick out a toy and then their minds aren’t on the cancer, pills, or surgeries. So, that’s what I’ve been doing...just loading up the closet”.

In between filling up the toy closet, Fluke does special appearances at charity events, birthday parties and even weddings. Yes. Amazing birthday parties like “May the 40th be with you”. “One time I delivered a birthday cake to a surgeon at Children's Hospital, who had his surprise 40th birthday party at  Boca and brought two lightsabers. We had a battle throughout restaurant and did a whole lap around the place. Everyone loved it.”

It is a lot of fun and games, but don’t let that fool you. It’s just an added bonus! Every single dime...literally all of the proceeds from these types of events go towards the two charities. “I just ask them ‘Would you please write a check to Dragonfly and Ronald McDonald house?’ It works out because they charities get the money and the person writes it off. I request zero as a volunteer.”

Some may ask where the fancy Skywalker costumes and lightsabers come from then…? Since he puts all the money made back into charity, Fluke literally uses his birthday as a way to add items to his persona. From new, fancy light sabers to movie-quality costumes, those birthday gifts go to the cause he is most passionate about.

All the work he has put into the costume has drawn national attention. At Comicon in L.A. in 2016, fans actually thought he was Mark Hamill. Hundreds of people crowded around him and disrupted the entire event. Fluke graciously took photos with them and even local media took notice. “We were blowing their minds out there! The trip was my daughter's graduation present. She said ‘You gotta do the Fluke thing’. I figured there would be a lot of good costumes, there are so many good people out there…but then I made the paper, Entertainment Weekly featured it, Ranker had me as the number one cosplayer out there,” said Fluke. “I was taken aback!” (you can read the Comicon story here -  and there is even a 30 second YouTube video: You can watch a 30 second video of what happened here). 

But — who would Fluke Skywalker be without his fellow Star Wars-obsessed friends? Josh Sneed, co-owner of Cincy Shirts, is a huge supporter of Fluke’s and a GIANT Star Wars Fan. “Josh helped me host my first fundraiser at Cinemark Theater,” said Fluke. “Josh raised nearly $2,000 and donated it to Children’s Hospital. It was the first showing of SOLO and my first public fundraising appearance.”


You can support Fluke’s mission by donating money so he can buy more toys for the kids. You can donate via Go Fund Me: 

Stay up to date on all of Fluke's upcoming fundraising events or consider booking him for a party or any special event by following him on social media or visiting his website.

- Like his Facebook page: Search “Fluke Skywalker-movie character”
- Follow him on Twitter: @1flukeskywalker
Click here to visit his website.

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