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Monday, December 2, 2019

16th Annual SHINDIG Held During Hyde Park Art Show

DIGS |Real Estate|Design|Construction| hosted its 16th annual SHINDIG brunch/open house during the 53rd annual Hyde Park Art Show. Family, friends and clients mingled with children, dogs and yummy eats from The Echo. A diggable good time was, as always, had by all.
Debbie Ackerman, Dianne and David Rosenburg, Lucy Hodgson, Peter Koenig and Dee Hildebrandt

A yummy cupcake house!

Dick Duvall and David Wellinghoff

Thom and Beth Mariner, Dick and Kit Duvall, Joyce Elkus, John Harrison and Zac Greenberg

Tom Sapinsley, Deni Tato, Dan Schimberg and Mariza Cohen

Kim and Drew Myers, Melissa and Mick Homan, David Wellinghoff and Stella

Valerie Newell and Tim Smith

Peter Schwartz and Dianne Dunkleman

Martin Hart, Lisa Murtha, Mark and Bridget Morse

Amy Tobin and Ann Lafferty

Joan Keating and Tim Fogarty

Dick and Gail Friedman

Jeff Schomburger and David Wellinghoff

Josh Koch and Laura Roberts

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