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Friday, November 15, 2019

Meet Sierra Hill: Wyoming Alumni Serving Active Duty Air Force

To celebrate Veteran’s Day, we reached out to a Class of 2015 Wyoming High School Alumni currently serving Active Duty Air Force, Sierra Hill. Sierra holds the current rank of SrA or E-4, and she has served in San Antonio, Texas; Biloxi, Mississippi; Hampton, Virginia; and was recently deployed to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Sierra was awarded the rank of E-4 or Senior Airmen.

The Beginning…
I entered the service because I wanted to do something different and experience new things in life all while traveling, continuing my education and serving my country.

The First Day of Service
My first day was very long, hectic, and stressful, I got maybe thirty minutes of sleep from flying into basic training. I was with people I never met before from all across the country. The number one goal was to find a wingman, so I did. This person and I became very grateful for each other once the day was over. Once we got through our first briefing, we were taught how to make our beds. We did bed drills for the next four hours; I never knew making your bed could be so tiring. We all were very hot like we just ran a marathon and our fingers had cuts all over them from tucking sheets into the metal bed frames. However, I knew how to make the best hospital corners once we were finished. After bed drills, we all lined up and went and got chow, nobody really got to eat because we were being yelled at and told to hurry up. When I sat down to eat, I didn’t even know what I had on my plate I was just happy to be eating a hot meal. We went back to our dorm room and were assigned our jobs for cleanup duty. We completed our dorm chores and showered and were in bed by 2100. The day went by so fast I was just honestly happy to be getting a full night’s rest since I hadn’t slept in the past two days.

The Most Challenging Part of Service       
The most challenging part of being in the military is not knowing what tomorrow may entail. One day you could be here and the next day you could be halfway around the world depending on your mission. Missing holidays with family and friends can be hard sometimes but some of the people you meet throughout your career become life-long friends or even like family. Lastly making sacrifices and remaining resilient.

The Most Rewarding Part of Service         
The most rewarding part of being in the service is making my mom and loved ones proud. My mom made many scarifies for me throughout my life so I always wanted to do something that would make her happy.

A Military Reflection
Many people think of the military like the old war movies you may see on TV, and that it is scary or you’re going off to fight in a war. I can say that I’ve learned for myself why people think of the military like this, and it can be scary, and if you join you may one day have to fight for your country. However, it is much more than that. I work a regular job just like people in the civilian work force, but I’m working towards a mission for the Air Force. Everything we do is for something bigger than ourselves. It is to help one and another and achieve our mission to Fly Fight and Win!

Wyoming Students and Finding the Next Path
The advice I would offer to current Wyoming students is, your education is very important, and no one can ever take away what you learn. Whether you chose to continue your education in college or where it may be, or start working right after high school, make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to better yourself, meet new people, and network. You never know who you may meet now that can help you in the future.

If you are interested in contacting Sierra to ask her more information about life in the service after high school, she is happy to connect by email

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