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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Let it be Thanksgiving in Cincinnati

The 110th Western & Southern 10k Run and Walk

By Julie Isphording

It’s a big beautiful City out there and always something to be thankful for - especially the whole Keating Family who ran in memory of Bill Keating - standing with emcee-extraordinaire Mike Brown!
Congratulations!  Today is YOUR day to play!
Love running. Love Cincinnati!
When you fall in love with running, you fall in love with yourself.
Thanksgiving in Cincinnati:  Where everyone and everything feels right at home!
And will you succeed? Yes you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed)
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
The little things?  Those little moments?  They aren’t little!
Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Everything!
A good run can change everything! We must believe in ourselves and each other. John Barrett, CEO of Western & Southern, hands the trophy to the 2019 women’s winner Tina Muir.

Just in case no one told you today…your beautiful, strong, healthy and completely lovable!
So you want to see  great moments on Thanksgiving Day?  Which one exactly?

This is how we do Thanksgiving in Cincinnati.  Every road is a playground!
After the race, this couple will remove their turkey outfits before ‘dressing’ their dinner turkey!

Nothing says love like the 110th Western & Southern Thanksgiving Day 10k Run/Walk and Pepto Kids Run.  The Cincinnati family tradition for thousands (and thousands) of people  - young, old, skinny, non-skinny, fit, fabulous  -  is one of the oldest and most popular races in the United States.
I am always profoundly overwhelmed with the sense of warmth, connection, motivation and encouragement that I see and feel as people gather around the starting line (before they gather around a dinner table hours later).  It reminds me again  -  and again  - how life-changing this race event has become for many people from here, from Ohio and from across the region and country.  It has also had a profound effect on many local charities, corporate sponsors and our beloved Cincinnati.

It’s quite a magical and magnificent holiday celebration that can only be captured through pictures.  

We hope you enjoy this photo essay and that you and your family will choose to rise and shine a little earlier Thanksgiving Day morning to join all the other bold and brilliant, brave and kind, confident and strong people in Cincinnati who make the race run -  all while supporting the charities that help so many in our city!

After all, as with the traditional Thanksgiving family dinner, there’s room for everyone.  Register at

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