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Friday, November 22, 2019

Hyde Park Center for Older Adults Hosts Annual Celebrate Life Luncheon

 Article and Photos by Grace DeGregorio

Every day the members of the Hyde Park Center for Older Adults are celebrated, but once a year a luncheon is held to honor those individuals age 90 and over and couples married 50 years and more.
This year’s lunch was attended by active older adults who exude such enthusiasm and positivity!  The room was buzzing with conversation and, as the Center’s Assistant Director Cathty Colque introduced each person/couple, it was apparent how much the recognition meant to them.

Nancy and Hank Trossbach of Hyde Park, married 62 years; Kenneth and Margaret Horne, married 53 years
Everyone had a story to tell.  95 year old Anne Majoewski lived on a farm in Maineville owned by several generations of her family before moving to Hyde Park several years ago.  “The only thing about age,” she observed, “ is your mind is 25 but your body doesn’t follow!” 

Sylvan Grisco of Hyde Park, the”senior” senior of the luncheon at age 99, said he was a shoemaker.  “I owned a shop on 6th Street downtown near Procter & Gamble.”

Sylvan Grisco of Hyde Park, age 99
Richard Scholten, who said he felt like a baby at the luncheon at age 91, brought a photo of his mother, Grace Scholten (now deceased) taken at a similar Hyde Park Center luncheon some years ago,  “She died 40 days shy of being 104,” he said.  “She lived in three centuries - the 1800s, the 1900s and part of the 2000s - and voted in every presidential election women were allowed to vote in starting in 1920.”

Debbie Ware brought a copy of the October 1998 Hyde Park Living featuring her and Betty Lotz on the cover.  A photo with the article, written by Barb Warriner about Seniors at the Y, included Juanita Pape, also in attendance at this luncheon.

In her pre-lunch comments the Center’s Executive Director Shelley Goering welcomed her predecessor, Deb Ciprych, who was thrilled to see the many Center members in attendance.  Shelley thanked Deb for her many years doing so much to make the Center a success.

“This is not about aging but about becoming wise and passing that wisdom on to younger people,” Shelley observed.

Mary Belle Porter added her sentiments.  “I consider every day to be a gift.”

Ron and Mary Ann Purdon of Hyde Park, married 61 years

Richard Scholten, age 91, Mary Belle Porter of Hyde Park, age 96 and Anne Majeowski of Hyde Park, age 95 - charming lunch companions!

The Center’s Assistant Director Cathy Colque warmly introduced the luncheon honorees.

Former and current Center Executive Directors Deb Ciprych and Shelley Goering - celebrating the joy of life!

Debbie Ware and Betty Lotz - Assistant Director Cathy Colque in the center - with the October 1988 Hyde Park Living - they were part of the cover story!

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