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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Around Town: 2019 Homecoming Parade

Thanks to the ongoing construction on Springfield Pike, the route for 2019 Wyoming Homecoming Parade was altered to travel from Worthington Avenue, north on Burns Avenue, to Wyoming High School instead of the usual Pike route. Everyone had an opinion on the altering of this annual tradition, and concerns were aplenty (“the floats may hit the low hanging trees” or “Burns is too narrow for fire trucks and spectators” were matched with less safety related concerns such as “we have always watched the parade from Madden’s yard – what do we do now?”). But rest assured, Wyoming, it all went smoothly – even though the floats did brush some trees, the street was too narrow (parents don’t let your little ones dash out in front of fire trucks for candy!), and the Pike parties migrated east for the five minute spectacle. Whether enjoying from the inside or the curbside, the Wyoming Homecoming Parade tradition is still one of Wyoming’s most anticipated events, no matter where it occurs! 

Thanks to all the parade participants:  the Wyoming High School Marching Band and Colorguard; the Classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023; all the brownie and girl scout troops; and the Wyoming High School Alumni Association. And a big thank you to Jason Miller for sharing some great photos of all the fun and the action!

The Class of 2020 was ready for the start of their last parade. Photo by Jason Miller. 

The senior class marched proudly behind their Moana float. Photo by Jason Miller.

Seniors Carla, Claire, and Suzanne were excited to be a part of the action. Photo by Jason Miller.

The Class of 2021 was excited to show Wyoming their Aladdin inspired float. Photo by Jason Miller.  

How to be a part of the parade when you’re on crutches? Mia’s solution was to decorate her wheelchair like a flying carpet!

Homecoming court members travelled the parade route in a variety of ways, here Molly, Brianna, and Amaya waved to their adoring fans from a convertible. Photo by Jason Miller.

The Class of 2022 went under the sea for their parade adventure. Photo by Jason Miller.  

These sophomores were ready to march with Ariel. Photo by Jason Miller.

Bubbles travelled the parade route with the sophomore class. Photo by Jason Miller.

 The “Frozen Freshman” of the Class of 2023 were ready for their first parade as high school students. Photo by Jason Miller.

This freshman gang was excited for their parade debut. 

Pride and smiles were bountiful for the freshman class. Photo by Jason Miller.

The Wyoming Colorguard Team were ready to perform the Stevie Wonder routine – hence the 1970s inspired costumes.

Freshman members of the Wyoming High School Marching Band were energized for the parade to begin. 

Members of every class were part of the percussion line. 

Wyoming Middle School Cheerleaders were ready to supply the spectator crowds with candy.

Brownie Troop 45018 anxiously awaited the parade start. 

Girl Scout Troop 44532 let their personalities shine for the camera. 

Brownie Troop 43611 dressed in the official Wyoming Homecoming theme of Disney Princesses. 

Even the youngest parade spectators found a grassy spot along the Burns route to enjoy the parade. 
















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