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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wyoming Proud!

Wyoming proud at home and on the road is our summer travel theme this year. Enjoy the look back at your summer vacations - and staycations - thanks to the many Wyoming friends who submitted photos of their WYO spirit!

In Hilton Head Island was Elm’s third grade teacher, Mrs. Robbins, with the children from seven neighborhood families from Circlewood and Hilltop who all vacationed together!

Seventh grader Colin Dorsey was making the most of his summer staycation at Newport Aquarium all while supporting Wyoming! 

Top of Fleming neighbors had fun together at a FC Cincinnati game.   

Noah and Ginny Millar, second graders at Hilltop, became Jr. Rangers at Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was the fourth year in a row that Tyler Fatherree and Gehrig Drake, sixth graders at Wyoming Middle School, have attended Camp Ernst together!

Jack O’Neill (with Katy O’Neill) was in his Wyoming gear at Olympic National Park’s Hurricane Ridge.

The Gronas family was Wyoming proud in front of Mt. Rushmore!  Father Chad teaches at Wyoming Middle School and mother Christy works at Wyoming High School. 

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