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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

FIRE UP THE PIKE on September 21 with BBQ and The Bundys

By Cynthia Smith

The Bundys are the headlining entertainment for FIRE UP THE PIKE on September 21. 
Want to hear The Bundys perform live while you enjoy great eats, drinks, treats, and games with neighbors and friends? Sponsors The City of Wyoming, Tela Bar + Kitchen, Spring Valley Bank, and a host of vendors/entertainers invite you to do just that at FIRE UP THE PIKE from 4:00 -10:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 21.  Entry to the family-friendly event is free; you’ll only pay for what you choose to purchase.

Tela will offer an outdoor BBQ-themed menu, and other vendors will provide gelato (Madisono’s), popsicles (Street Pops), wine (Vanguard Wines), beer (MadTree Brewing), and flower crowns (Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck).

Entertainment will include Highly Likely at 4:00 p.m. and Souse at 6:00 p.m.; the nationally-renowned, native-Wyoming sibling trio The Bundys will headline at 8:00 p.m.
All participants have Wyoming or nearby connections. 

Collaborating on Fun
FIRE UP THE PIKE was the brainchild of Tela owners Doug Nawrocki and L.R. Hunley, along with Wyoming’s City Manager, Lynn Tetley.

The event meets the goals of both the restaurant and the City of Wyoming: 
“From the beginning, we have looked for ways to offer the people of Wyoming and surrounding areas the chance to enjoy food, drink, and music at a larger scale than we could offer within the space at Tela,” said Nawrocki.
Objective #6 of the City of Wyoming’s 2018 Master Plan calls for ‘expanding and promoting community programs and festivals.’ 

Tetley asked Monica Tuck, Freelance Producer and Wyoming Recreation Foundation volunteer, to make the event happen. 

“The City has been wanting to put on regional cultural and artistic events, bring people together, and put Wyoming on the map as a destination,” Tuck explains. “FIRE UP THE PIKE will do all that, while supporting one of our best restaurants and a hot made-in-Wyoming trio.”

The posters for FIRE UP THE PIKE on September 21 are all over town.
Excited to Come Home
The Bundys are ready. “This is going to be our first chance to come home since being on The Voice,” said Megan Bundy. “We’re excited about spending time with our parents, our brother Evan, and extended family Paige, Gus, Genevieve, Lara, and John Peacock,” added her brother Ryan. 
“There’s something about playing Wyoming that is really special,” noted sister Katey. “It will be great to show everyone what we have been up to the last few years.”

The siblings who make up The Bundys now live in Nashville, but they grew up on East Mills and Fleming; their parents, Tammy and Brad, now live on Willowbrook. 

FIRE UP THE PIKE will take place in the parking lots behind Tela and Spring Valley Bank. Cornhole, giant Jenga, and bocce ball will be set up in the adjoining green space. 

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