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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Around Town: Wyoming Swim Club Swordfish

By Maggie Brennan, Wyoming Middle School

Swim and dive team at the Wyoming Swim Club always ends up to be the best summer ever. I look forward to it the whole school year. My family has been going to the swim club for over 30 years, and we have all been on the swim or dive team. I really like it because everyone there is nice to each other. If I need help, I can easily talk to one of the coaches. The coaches give us tips and individual help. I love hanging out with my friends at swim meets, and we all cheer on other swimmers on our team. Everyone is so supportive it is unlike any other team. Swimming and diving for the Swordfish is the best decision you will ever make.

The Trush family made summer swim and dive season a family event with multiple generations at every meet: Quincy, Katie, Kelly, and Darby. 

Winning the top two spots at PPSL Dive Finals were Wyoming’s Ilusha and Pasha Gerasimchuk. Ilusha also broke the PPSL record at the finals meet. Pasha and Ilusha posed after the meet with dive coaches Rebekah Schuholz, Charlie Donnelly, and Bo Bottenhorn. 

Dive finals was a great success for James, Ainsley, Will, Greta, and Walker, pictured with coaches Rebekah and Bo. 

The Hawaiian luau theme meet had the swimmers ready for the action. 

Energy, sugar, and fun have all kicked in by the last event of the night - the freestyle relay!

Friday Fun Day mornings had breakfasts after pool games.  Brady filled his plate with a very large and healthy helping of fruit – with sister Charlie. 

Betsy and Dana personalized their new swim caps at the first meet.

Giddy up – these Swordfish were ready to swim fast at finals!

Car decorations for the caravan to finals was completed by these young cowboys. 

The highlight of the team party was the shaving cream dancing.

Ice cream sundaes were served on the deck at the team party. 

Eight and under boys had lots of energy - and fortnight moves. 

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