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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Around Town: Wyoming Rec Center Seadragons

By Maggie Galvin, Wyoming Middle School
Photos by Kylie Gardner

Every year summer passes by too quickly, but it is never calm. That would be because of the miracle summer swim team that is the Seadragons. I like to think of us as a family - every one of us would stand up for each other, and care for each other, and we always have each other’s back. Every morning, the family wakes and gets in the freezing pool for another practice. The goal, unspoken or not, is clear in our minds: we wanna win. We want to beat Evendale to a pulp for stealing the crown from us for year after year.  However, there is no code against having fun during this mission - and that is what makes us the true champs.

Swim meets are an extended family affair with multiple generations out to cheer on the Seadragons! 

Senior night at the Rec Center had the high school graduates jump (and flip) off the starting blocks. 

Eva was early to the blocks and ready for her event to begin.

Jack and Seth had a fun summer swimming with one another. 

Summer friendships blossom while hanging out on the guard chairs. 

Sweet summer swim team friends (and matching Seadragon back art) made lasting summer memories. 

Meredith, Celia, and Dani had a great time with one another at the intersquad meet. 

Swim meets can be confusing – so the Mothers of Seadragons were ready to help! 

Colorful goggles and colorful suits were standouts for the summer meet.

The start of the race action was captured perfectly. 

Kathryn cheered for her friends throughout the meet.

Coach Mikaela gave pointers to her younger swimmers. 

Swim meets have a lot of down time – but the waiting was more fun with friends. 

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