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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Wyoming’s Centennial Park Fountain Rededication Ceremony

On Sunday, May 19 the Wyoming Trowel and Error Garden Club hosted the Centennial Park Fountain Rededication Ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of the fountain. The rain teased the crowd at the start, but the ceremony stayed dry – except for the splashes from Wyoming’s beloved pineapple-topped fountain. The women of Trowel and Error baked and decorated gingerbread cookies shaped like pineapples for the community while their husbands donned tuxedos and served sparkling cider for the ceremonial toast. Congratulations to all involved, and a big thank you to the Trowel and Error members for their hard work in raising the money 20 years ago and for maintaining the park all year long.  

The hardworking women of the Trowel and Error Garden Club posed for a photo in Centennial Park following the Fountain Rededication Ceremony.

The ceremony attracted many families to Centennial Park.

Everyone had the opportunity to raise a glass for the 20th anniversary of the fountain.

The husbands of the Trowel and Error women dressed appropriately for their serving role at the ceremony.

Wyoming High School orchestra members wowed the audience with their beautiful music. 

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