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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Welcome Interview of Superintendent Mr. Timothy Weber

By Victory Lee, Wyoming High School

In the 2019-2020 school year, Wyoming welcomes many new staff members. Among them, I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Timothy Weber, our new superintendent. He shared his excitement for the new role and passion to learn more about the Wyoming community.

Tell us about your family and your move into Wyoming.
I’m extremely proud of my family!  My wife is also an educator and teaches eighth grade language arts in Lakota. We have five incredible children that keep us very busy including a daughter attending the University of Cincinnati nursing program, a daughter attending the Columbus State vet tech program, a son attending the University of Cincinnati business program, a son that will be a senior at Lakota East this year, and our youngest daughter that will be in fifth grade at the Wyoming Middle School.  We are extremely excited to have just moved into the Wyoming Community and look forward to being part of our great school system and overall community!

The Weber family will even have an incoming fifth grader at Wyoming Middle School this school year.
What is your previous career in education?
I began my teaching career as a fifth and sixth grade teacher at both Lakota and Sycamore. I loved my experience teaching and learned so much from my students!  After teaching, I was an assistant principal in the Forest Hills School District and then in Lakota Local Schools. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to then be a principal in Lakota and then in Madeira City Schools, and most recently, I have been the assistant superintendent in Madeira. I’m excited to be moving into my new role as superintendent of Wyoming City Schools!

Is there any specific teaching experience that influences you as an educator?
My first opportunity to work within a teaching role was to provide swimming lessons.  It was the excitement and enthusiasm of a five-year-old swimmer that helped me decide that education was the best career choice for me. Since that experience, I’ve been blessed to have incredible career opportunities and have worked with amazing students, staff, parents, and community members. All of these experiences have helped me to understand that it’s all of us working together that truly makes a difference for kids!  

Do you have any previous experience with Wyoming community?
No, unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to live or work in Wyoming until now. However, throughout my career, I have worked with several individuals that have been part of Wyoming City Schools. It’s been their enthusiasm and experiences that have been shared with me that have added to my excitement in coming to Wyoming.  

Mr. Timothy Weber is the new Wyoming City Schools Superintendent and one of the latest new residents to the community.
What was your first impression of Wyoming City Schools? 
My first impression of Wyoming City Schools is that there is a great pride in the schools and in the success of our students. It’s clear that there are high expectations for students and for staff, incredible dedication/effort/support from the entire school community, a total team effort, and a belief that whatever it takes is what needs to be done.  

What are your emotions getting ready to work as the superintendent at Wyoming?
I feel both honored and blessed to have this incredible opportunity! I’m anxious to meet and know students and their families, our staff, and to also be engaged in the community. In starting any new position, I’m also a little nervous but committed to creating that environment where students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally!  

What is your educational philosophy? Do you have a specific vision for the district?
I believe that each student is unique and needs a safe, secure, and stimulating educational environment in order to reach their full potential for intellectual, social, and emotional growth. My core beliefs are centered around creating exceptional learning opportunities for students in all areas, building a culture where students thrive and feel a strong sense of community reaching beyond the walls of our buildings, and communicating in ways that people are connected to the important work happening within the district. I have been able to meet with many staff members and community members this summer and will soon be meeting with many students. It’s been great to hear about the great things that are happening in Wyoming and to also hear the ideas that people have to help us to be even better in the future!

Wyoming City Schools’ slogan is “excellence becomes a way of life.” What does excellence mean to you?
I think excellence means to be the best version of yourself, whether in learning, relationships, are anything in life. As we learn and grow together, my hope is that we continue to search for ways to be better tomorrow than we were today as we work to provide experiences for students to explore, find their passion, and reach their full potential.  

The A,B,C’s of Mr. Weber was a poster made years ago by second grade students that Tim Weber has kept as a sweet memory. 

What kind of adjectives describe you as a person?
I had to ask for input from others that I’ve worked with to share words that came to mind. Some of the ones that were listed were: compassionate, diligent, empathetic, patient, thoughtful, energetic, and humorous. I can also borrow some of the words that second grade students shared in a poster they created for me when I was their principal. Here are some of the works that they chose to describe me: creative, helpful, organized, respectful.

Last but not least, what possible changes or new policies are in your mind (snow days?)
I’m eager to work closely with students, staff, families, and community to create goals that build upon the great things happening while creating new opportunities that make us even better! As I talk with students, the question I get the most is about my practice on calling snow days! I have a very steep driveway so I’m hoping for a warm and dry winter!

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