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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Senior Art, Music, and Theatre Recognition Honored 26 Wyoming High School Seniors

The Wyoming Art Show and the Wyoming School Music Association joined together for the fourth consecutive year to honor Wyoming High School students who were choosing to pursue art, music, or theatre in college in some capacity. In the Wyoming High School Class of 2019, there were 26 students recognized for their efforts and intent to continue to pursue their artistic passions. 

The idea for the reception stemmed from a conversation five years ago on how student artists, musicians, and actors should be recognized for their dedication much like student athletes are at the Athletic Booster hosted signing days. Given the creativity of the fields these students will follow, a more casual and inclusive approach was imagined. With teachers from both the art department and the music department - and representatives from both the Wyoming Art Show and the Wyoming School Music Association – excited for the idea and willing to speak to the audience of students, parents, and mentors, the creative reception was born. 

Many thanks to student Liam O’Shaunessey for performing on the grand piano for the reception, and congratulations to the students headed far and wide with a promise of making the world a more beautiful and harmonious place to live. 

This group of Wyoming Seniors plan to pursue a major or minor in art – industrial design to fashion design to interior design - and from architecture to art history! Students are pictured with Wyoming High School art teacher CJ Langenhop (right). 

This passionate group of students is looking forward to their first college theatre production after years in participation with the Wyoming Theatre Arts Department, with director Laura Coomer (left).  

The students pursuing music in college will do so in a variety of ways – from performance majors to the jazz band to the university orchestra to a major in music technology – a variety of paths and options in the field of music!

Wyoming Art Show Board Member, Kathy Kessler, and Wyoming Board of Education Member, Kara Broderick, were integral to the origin of the event having created the idea jointly five years ago.  

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