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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

May Fete 2019

These were some seriously adorable May Fete happy faces.
By Maggie Galvin, Wyoming Middle School

May Fete! The highlight of the spring, and maybe even of the school year! This is the exciting, ride-filled, game and food heavy event that manages to be fun and helpful in its raising of money for the schools.

New and old rides came back this year. There were old favorites like the Ali Baba, the Typhoon, and the ride of many name changes-Hailey’s Comet/Round Up/Round Up Your Skittles. Also back for another go around was the swings, or the Zumer. The was a new ride, too: the Cliff Hanger.

This year, as always, the event was hot with the looming threat of rain. It seems it is never truly May Fete unless it looks like it is going to rain all day.

For me, May Fete can be brilliantly chaotic. With the crowds, a simple bathroom break can separate you from your friends. But there is nothing like racing to rides, getting your friends with the punch sign on the Cliff Hanger, or just generally feeling like nothing could go wrong.

I love May Fete. And here is the question of the day: who doesn’t?

The Village Green of Wyoming was bursting with May Fete fun on May 17.

New this year, the Typhoon replaced the Scrambler – these kids seem to have enjoyed the change!

Smiling faces were aplenty on the car ride.

Silly string battles were serious business.

The real purpose of May Fete? To make great memories with your friends.

Elle and Liv giggled their way down the “drop zone” ride.

Make no mistake, May Fete was for the young – and for the young at heart!

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