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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Indian Hill High School celebrates Class of 2019

Commencement ceremony May 31 recognized 170 graduates

Indian Hill High School (IHHS) congratulates the 170 members of the Class of 2019 who celebrated graduation with a commencement ceremony Friday, May 31, at Tomahawk Stadium. The Indian Hill Board of Education, administrators, teachers, and staff members joined family and friends in recognizing the incredible accomplishments of the scholars.

Traditional tossing of the caps

“Class of 2019, approximately 182 school days ago we sat together in the auditorium and began talking about your year as seniors at Indian Hill High School. In a place rooted in tradition and excellence, I challenged you to raise the bar on yourselves and leave a legacy that you, your parents, and all of Braves Nation could be proud of. You did not disappoint,” said IHHS Principal Jeff Damadeo in an address to the students. “Go into the future with energy, enthusiasm, and drive. Expect some days to be hard, but embrace every moment. I challenge you to be great, live your excellence, and inspire others along the way.”

In his final address as the Indian Hill Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mark Miles delivered the closing thoughts, 

 Members of the Class of 2019, we are so very proud of you.  This week has been focused upon celebrating your academic, athletic, and artistic accomplishments.  And we have, in fact, been celebrating you and your accomplishments every step of the way during your 468-week journey in K-12 education.

Wherever you may go and whatever you may do, be courageous!  Be an inspiration, spread happiness, uplift those less fortunate, and serve others with grace.  I hope your experiences throughout the Indian Hill School District have prepared you to be courageous, to Be Brave!

As Dorothy reminds us in The Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.”  For some, the Indian Hill School District has been your home for 18 years; for others, perhaps only one year.  As you journey forth, please remember home is where our stories begin.  May the memories of the beginning of your story and this home bring you great joy in the years ahead.
And wherever our future homes may be, I am so hopeful our paths will cross again.

On behalf of our faculty, staff, and Board of Education, Class of 2019, I extend my best wishes for continued courage and bravery.  And remember, we are and always will be BRAVES!  Thank you.

Catherine Joy and Payton Hoffman create Kodak memories 

Hend Halabi, Will Ericsson, Kegan Grace, Gabbi Geyer and Amanda Geyer capture graduation memories prior to the ceremony

Maddie Antenucci, Nick Gillan Morgan Coburn and Mary James

Honor Guard members Anay Gautham, Devin Edwards, Pietro Lavezzo, Alex Ericsson

Riley Holt and Bryn Wirthlin

Gabby Wiot, Supakon Naiyi, Ayah Al-Zubi

James Alspaugh, Sam Richardson, Brian Lewis, Supakon Naiyi, Zander Johnston

Sean Amato, Ellie Rabenold, Trey Skidmore, Ingrid Ackermann

IHHS Principal Jeff Damadeo visits with students one last time!

Tyler Johnson, Madeline Major

MacKenzie Nelson and Analise Hamm

Ryan Wentz, Kate Marrs, Emily Moreira, Kate Becker

IHHS teacher Rebecca McFarlan captures a class memory with students

Honor guard members Charlie Lindbert and Sean  Lu

Ben Bader and Margot David

Chris Hooton and Luke Johnson

Austin Kendrick, Chris Hooton, Luke Johnson

IHHS Teacher Austin Sayre with Sarah Kaplan and Rena Lenchitz

Seniors celebrate!

IH Class of 2019’s Thirteen Year Club

IH School Board members Elizabeth Johnston, Lyle Fiore, Kim Lewis Dr. Eddie Hooker and Nancy Aichholz

Moving on!

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