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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Around Town: Wyoming Middle School Variety Show

By Maggie Galvin

This year’s Wyoming Middle School Variety Show’s Theme was ‘We Are Family,’ which we certainly were. Everybody from the set crew to the booth to the actors helped out somehow. Together, we created the show you saw on April 12 and 13. Your act did not have to be family themed. Instead, the 8th grade emcees brought out each act with some family puns and jokes. Every act started off with a laugh and ended with a clap. 

The Variety Show marked these eighth graders final show as part of Wyoming Middle School.
Spring Pillow and Deondra Means helped us prepare through several weeks of rehearsals. We got feedback on our act, and we figured out where we should stand and what mics we should use. There were kids from every grade preforming in skits, songs, and speeches.

The Splashing Cowboys made a splash with the audience. 

The teacher-led fifth and sixth grade orchestral ensemble, Fiddles on Fire, led out the first act, and the Wyoming Middle School Color Guard ended it. Fiddles on Fire played “Clocks” by Coldplay, and the Color Guard tossed their flags to “The Sky, The Dawn, and The Sun”. In between, we had some awesome acts, including a violin solo by Madeline Dugan (Sietz Concerto) and The Splashing Cowboys, a comical relief water song/skit by some fifth and sixth graders                                                                                          
These seventh grade “musical nerds” opened act two with their funny song. 
In the second act, a group of kids sang “Musical Nerds” to start it off. “Musical Nerds” explained, in song, what life is like being totally addicted to musicals and actors. The last act of the night was the teacher band who rocked out to “Be My Baby”. In the middle of these, we had acts like a ukulele/kazoo player (Bailey Schottelkotte) doing “I Wanna Be Like You and the skit “International Relations” by a group of eighth grade girls. 

Eighth graders got the opportunity to be emcees of the show, and they had fun both on and off stage. 
There are too many acts to tell you about them all, so I took a survey of my house to get some variety. Some favorites were “Piece by Piece” sung by Adi Groteke, Alex Buysse (the “sit-down” comedian), the movie/musical songs including Hamilton, Pocahontas, and Wicked, and the Bubble People. These are just to name a few-together my household listed almost all the acts.
Our ‘family’ had fun putting on a great show.

Fifth and sixth graders performed as Fiddles on Fire – a fun opening to the entire production.

Kathryn, Hollis, and Zola performed the piano, guitar, and piano for the crowds. 

Practicing backstage was a critical and fun part of the weekend. 

All lined up for their final bows was the Class of 2026. 

The teacher band, as seen behind the scenes, was the rousing finale of the show.

The bubble girls danced their way through their final variety show with, left to right, Sarah, Sasha, Natalie, Chloe, and Erin.

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