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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Mark Clement: A Game-Changing Legacy in the Making

By Julie Isphording

TriHealth CEO and President Mark Clement is one of the leading authorities on healthcare in the nation.  The Hyde Park resident is wicked-smart, gifted, thoughtful - and, a highly respected voice in the struggle to make high-quality health care accessible and affordable for everyone in our community.

“Our vision for TriHealth is to be the best place for care anywhere. It is the reason why we are here,” said Mark Clement, who has devoted more than 35 years of his life to healthcare and the last four years specifically to TriHealth.    

Mark Clement with Buddy LaRosa delivering that famous pizza to some “famous” employees
Although Clement has spent most of his career as president or chief executive officer at health-care systems or hospitals around the country - Holy Cross Hospital in Chicagol Metro West Medical Center in Framingham, Massachusettsl St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Bostonl and Rochester Regional Health in New York, where oversaw the merger two health systems - he has heartfelt roots in Cincinnati and always wanted to come back home and leave a lasting legacy in Cincinnati.

“I have always wanted to make the most meaningful impact in this community and lead a forward-thinking organization that puts patients at the center of everything,” said Clement. “It’s what matters most to me.”

Clement was born at Good Samaritan Hospital. His father Frank, a physician, completed his post-graduate medical education at Good Samaritan and practiced at Bethesda North Hospital for many years. His older brother John is a primary-care physician at Bethesda North.

Patrick Beiter, MD, Lauren Doolittle, CNP-C, and Medical Assistant Siobhan Devlin with TriHealth CEO Mark Clement who was onsite at the Northcreek Family Practice
A 1972 graduate of Moeller High School, where his typing teacher was legendary football coach Gerry Faust, he earned a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in hospital and health administration from Xavier University.

Under Clement’s leadership, TriHealth has grown to include 12,000 plus employees, over 130 ambulatory locations, over 500 employed physicians and an independent medical staff of over 1,800.  In the spring of 2018, TriHealth earned national recognition when IBM Watson Health named the health system as one of the 15 Top Health Systems in the Country and IBM Watson Health recognized two of the system’s hospitals (Bethesda North Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital) as 100 Top Hospitals, also.

Perhaps one of Clement’s most meaningful accomplishments to date was collaborating and investing with Xavier University to build a $54 million five-story structure - The Health United Building - which will be the first in the country to combine academics, wellness and fitness in a single facility.  
“This affiliation is so uniquely focused, like no other in the country, on caring for the whole person - mind, body and spirit,” said Clement. “This affiliation will touch lives and transform people, not only on campus, but throughout the region and nation.”

Mark Clement with his beautiful family - Maci Villarreal, Mary Clement, Sawyer Villarreal, Becky Clement, Emmett Villarreal, Maggie (Clement) Villarreal, John Villarreal and Christine Clement
Clement said he and his wife, Mary, who also grew up in Cincinnati, have three adult daughters - Maggie (35), Rebecca (33), Christine (30) -   none of whom live here…yet! He also has three grandchildren and counting.

Clement has completed more than 30 marathons, including the Boston and Chicago Marathons six times each as well as Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon.
And there is so much more from our conversation… 

Looking back at your life so far, is there any advice you would give to young people today?
Look for the “Why?” every day. Let that guide you through your life.  It helps discern what matters to you and what adds meaning to your life.  Trust yourself. Listen to your heart. You don’t need to know what is going to happen tomorrow.  What fun would that be?

What was the best mistake you ever made?
I took a huge risk and turned down a major job offer from a major health system.  Days later I got one of the best calls of my career - to come back home to Cincinnati to be the President of TriHealth.  I guess things happen for a reason. 

What was your first job and what did you learn from it? 
I had a paper route when I was 9 years old.  Great job!  I was “promoted”  to construction and painting houses when I was 15.  Work is hard, but it’s important.  It gives you confidence, a strong work ethic and lots of cuts and bruises - both figuratively and literally.  

If you had one hour to spend with any person anywhere, who would it be?
Can I have more than one?  One historical person I would love to talk to is Martin Luther King.  I would ask him how we can continue his life’s work of making this a more kind and just world.  
On a personal level, I would love to talk to my mom and dad, Marguerite and Frank Clement, just  one more time.  God took them too soon, and I just want to say thank you for instilling the values which have helped make me the person I am today.

Best part about getting older?

What’s your favorite book(s)?
Right now, it would be John Adams by David McCullough. This is history on a grand scale - a book about politics and war and social issues, but also about human nature, virtue, ambition, friendship and much more.
My other favorite is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  It has great characters, amazing athletic achievements, cutting-edge science, and, most of all, lots of inspiration. 

Best hidden talent?
I’m a really good cook!  

What do few people know about you?
I love to run!  In fact, I have run 30 marathons, including the Boston and Chicago Marathons six times each, as well as Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon.  Today, I’m so happy that I can still run with my daughters.

Mark Clement finishing the Boston Marathon in 2003
I wish I had more time for…
My wife Mary.  She’s truly amazing.

My favorite road trip….
A year in Italy with Mary immersed in the culture, learning the language, cooking and traveling the countryside.  

What has been your biggest challenge to date?
On a personal level, a family crisis.  I had to witness my one year old granddaughter fighting cancer - leukemia.   You feel simply helpless.  You can’t make the pain go away; and you want so desperately to take on the challenge for her.  It's the worst feeling ever.  She won!  And she will always be my inspiration.

What is winning to you?
Today, tomorrow, next week…the only thing that will matter is if you added meaning and value to the people that you met.

Our series continues to show that there is no one way to live a good life.  There is only your way, and that’s all that matters.  It is a mark of a well-lived life.          Julie

Mark Clement, CEO of TriHealth, presenting the growth strategy to a group of TriHealth employees

Xavier and TriHealth Collaborate on Landmark Building
The Dream Team Pioneers Collegiate Health Initiative

Xavier University and TriHealth, two long-time, faith-based organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for all in the Cincinnati community, are in the final stages of completion on the Health United Building (HUB) on the Xavier campus. 

The $54 million five-story structure known as the HUB will be the first in the country to combine academics, wellness and fitness in a single facility.  

“This affiliation is so uniquely focused, like no other in the country, on caring for the whole person - mind, body and spirit,” said TriHealth CEO and President Mark Clement. “Whether it starts in the classroom, leads to a great performance on the court, drives healthier behaviors or increases positive connections in the community, this affiliation will touch lives and transform people, not only on campus, but throughout the region and nation.”

Drawing on TriHealth‘s 150-year legacy of providing health care to the Cincinnati community, and Xavier’s long tradition of academic excellence, the HUB will include classrooms for health-related academic programs, a new state-of-the-art fitness and recreation center, and a holistic health and wellness center to provide expert care for students.

“We believe this building will play a critical role in shaping our students - who they become and how they live in the future,” said Xavier University President Michael J. Graham, S.J. “We know that today’s students want balanced and healthy lifestyles. This building is designed to meet the physical, mental and wellness needs of all students and the fast-changing, academic needs of our health sciences students. Partnering with TriHealth, we know we can meet and exceed these goals.”

Together under one roof, the Health United Building will usher in a new way of providing a health-conscious experience for college students, including:
- Classrooms for health-related academic programs
- A new state-of-the-art fitness and recreation center
- A new health and wellness space that will provide expert care for students, faculty and staff

Up to 25 percent of the campus might be in the building at any given time, making their experience of campus and their learning richer and deeper. 

“The relationship forged by TriHealth and Xavier is truly visionary,” said Steve Mombach, TriHealth’s SVP of Ambulatory Services and Network Development. “We brought together student and employee health, student fitness and recreation, and advanced healthcare education at the HUB – creating a model for other universities and health systems across the country.”

The HUB is scheduled to open this fall 2019. 

Primary features of the HUB include:
- Fitness/Recreation Center  
- 4-lane recreation pool
- 3 fitness studios
- 3 basketball courts
- 2-level fitness area
- café
- Health and Counseling Center  
- 10 exam rooms
- 7 counseling offices
- pharmacy
- wellness coordinator rooms
- Health Sciences Academic Building  
- 11 classrooms
-5 nursing sim labs
- 3 nursing skills labs
- 3 occupational therapy labs
- 2 sports studies labs
Mark Clement and XU’s Musketeer mascot 

Here's What Students will Like About the New HUB!
It’s a Brand New Recreational Center - The new recreational center includes three indoor basketball courts for intramural sports, a three-lane running track overlooking those courts, three fitness studios, a four-lane indoor pool and recreational gym spaces for treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals and weight-lifting machines.

Views of Campus from the Rooftop Deck - The fourth floor of the building will include a rooftop deck and innovation lounge where students and staff can collaborate on ideas and projects.

Improved On-Campus Health Services - Xavier's partnership with TriHealth will encompass all health-related elements of a Xavier student's experience, including a comprehensive primary care clinic and mental health center with counseling rooms, a pharmacy and wellness coordinators. 

New Classroom Facilities and Labs - Academic spaces that use the latest equipment and technologies will accommodate 11 total new classrooms, 12 private study rooms, five lounges, five nursing simulation labs, three occupational therapy labs, two sports studies labs, a computer lab and a radiologic tech viewing space.

More Collaboration Between Students, Professionals and the Community - Think how an occupational therapist might work with an athletic trainer to help return an injured athlete to top condition, or how teachers, nurses and counselors can work together to help children be successful at school.

The building will provide those types of experiences to students from multiple majors and disciplines. With five academic majors housed in the building along with healthcare professionals, the students will be in close proximity to each other, allowing for collaboration and innovation to support better outcomes. In the process, they'll learn about each others' professions and how to be team leaders.

A Holistic Education Unlike Any Other in the Country - Aligning with Xavier's Jesuit value of Cura Personalis, the building itself is uniquely focused on caring for the whole person -  mind, body and spirit. The Health United Building will serve 1,400 students academically from the College of Professional Sciences, along with students engaged in intramural sports and recreation, plus those seeking health and wellness services. Up to 25 percent of the campus might be in the building at any given time.

Michael J. Graham S.J., President of Xavier University;  Mark Clement, CEO of TriHealth; Layne Downey, XU student; Barbara J. Howard, Esq. Chairman of Xavier's Board of Trustees; and the Xavier Mascot at the official ground breaking ceremony for the new TriHealth/Xavier Health United Building

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