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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Wyoming Middle School at Ohio Model UN

On Sunday, March 10, the WMS Model UN team ventured to Columbus to participate in the Ohio Model United Nations conference. School advisors, Nick Allen and Lisa Nocks, joined with nine parent chaperones in leading 57 students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. When they arrived in Columbus, Wyoming students joined a thousand other middle school students from across the state of Ohio. Students presented the UN resolutions they had drafted and engaged in rigorous debate, while representing the viewpoints of their nations. They also shared their understanding of the culture of their chosen nation through the arts, either by acting out a folk tale or skit, sharing a cultural dance, or performing traditional music. In addition, our students participated in writing contests where they were challenged to address world issues, define what it means to be citizen of the world, and to peacefully resolve conflict.

The General Assembly at Ohio Model United Nations was filled with over 1000 middle school students. 
Our students were recognized for their thoughtful debate, well written resolutions, and unique representations of culture. Of the 135 nations represented, ten nations are recognized for having an outstanding resolution. Students representing the nations of Austria (Calvin McCullumsmith, Cullen Batsel, Ethan Hatcher, Jack Cavanaugh, Sam Elliott, Thomas Zidarescu, and Van Carmichael) and Palestine (Erin Nordstrom, Katie Rhodes, Lauren Feller, Sasha Maxwell, Natalie Barth, and Sylvia Maloney-Noyes) were acknowledged with the award for Outstanding Resolution. Austria’s resolution proposed reforms for refugee assimilation, and Palestine’s resolution recommended the distribution of portable ventilators made from recycled plastic bottles.  

Erin, Sylvia, Katie, Lauren, Natalie, and Sasha represented Palestine and were recognized as Outstanding Resolution.
The nation of Madagascar (Maggie Broderick, Ava Johnson, Adi Groteke, Sophie Coors, and Lily Johnson) were runners-up in the International Talent Showcase for their musical performance that highlighted the Madajazzcar Festival. Van Carmichael was recognized with an award for Outstanding Delegate. Nico Arraje was runner-up for the Current Events contest, Adi Groteke was runner-up for the World Problem Solving contest, and Michael Nikolaidis and Ella Frisch were runners-up for the World Citizenship contest. Katie Rhodes and Marshall Peyton were recognized with awards for Outstanding Leadership. And Calvin McCullumsmith and Jackson Harness will serve as council vice-presidents for the 2020 conference.

The nation of Austria was recognized for their Outstanding Resolution.
All of the WMS teams did an outstanding job in representing themselves, their school, our community, and their UN member nation. Great job students!

These Wyoming sixth graders represented Cyprus and had a great experience at their first Ohio Model UN.

The students had a great time in Columbus for the conference. 

Fifty-seven students, two advisors, and nine parent chaperones made lasting memories at the Ohio Model UN conference. 

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