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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Wyoming High School Dive Team Champions

By Morgan Le, Wyoming High School Diver and Writer

Wyoming High School’s Dive Team has been in action for over ten years. This 2018-19 season was coached by Head Coach Dave Wolkoff, who coached seven divers this year - three freshmen, two sophomores, two seniors - alongside Assistant Coach Salvatore Marino. The team captains, Ilusha Gerasimchuk and Adrienne Storer, were both senior divers. 

Wyoming High School Dive Team had four state qualifiers, left to right: Ilusha Gerasimchuk, Adrienne Storer, Pasha Gerasimchuk, and Grace Courtney. 
The Wyoming team has seen each other grow and improve over the four years, and Captain Storer recalls “watching Ilusha go from scrawny freshman to OSHAA dive state champion was pretty cool, too. To be side by side with him through this journey has been an amazing adventure” showing the true bond between the teammates. Freshman diver, Lauren Turner also states that the dive community is “amazing”, that “you make amazing friends and get to practice a super fun sport with them.”

This year Wyoming had four state varsity qualifiers. The day before warm-ups for state the team goes out for breakfast at Bob Evans, they have dinner, and then are preparing for the state meet the next morning. Going to Bob Evans has been a tradition of the team for many years. 

Wyoming High School senior Ilusha Gerasimchuk captured the title of Division II state diving champion! 
On February 20 the varsity team dove. Grace Courtney, a freshman, won sectionals and the districts meet. Grace Courtney was the only Cincinnati-area diver to find a spot at the podium. The freshman finished the season at fourth-place in the one-meter, finishing with 421.25 points, coming off a district championship at Miami University, where she took top honors by over 70 points. Senior, Adrienne Storer, two-time state qualifier, finished 24th this year. 

Then in boys, Pasha Gerasimchuk, two-time state qualifier, finished 14th. Ilusha Gerasimchuk, three-time state qualifier, and state runner-up last year, became the state champion by capturing that elusive state championship in Division II one-meter boys diving, edging out Beachwood's Spencer by 1.7 points with a 203B, a back 1.5 flip in pike position.  

Freshman Grace Courtney broke all team records, and she earned a fourth-place victory at the state championships. 
Coaches were extremely proud of the divers. Assistant Coach Salvatore states,” I’m proud of my divers for doing so well this season. I’m especially proud of Ilusha for waiting for the last dive to show the state he’s really the best”

Ilusha and Grace both broke the 6-dive record and 11-dive record. Ilusha broke the 11-dive at 514 points. The previous record was set by Charlie Donnelly. Freshman Grace Courtney broke the record at 490.05 points.  

Ilusha’s final dive was a 203B (back 1.5 flip in the pike position) which clinched the title for him by two points. 
Wyoming’s state champion, Ilusha, summarized the dive season as a “real fun one” and that he “couldn't be more happy with the results and friendships made” throughout the whole four years he’s been diving in high school. “I saw a lot of progress and hard work from everyone and I will remember all the good times I've had with the team.” 

Adrienne Storer added that, “my senior year dive season is one I won't forget -- last one best one". Over the years she says that, “I made lasting memories not only with my Wyoming teammates and coaches... but also with my training mates and friends from other schools.” She then stated, “the family that I have gained through the dive community is one that will be in my heart for forever.” A lasting impression that this team gave her. 

Breakfast at Bob Evans before the state meet has been an annual dive team tradition for the last six years, left to right:  Pasha, Ilusha, Adrienne, Grace, and Coach Dave Wolcoff. 

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