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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Around Town: Flapjacks and Fortissimo 2018

The Wyoming School Music Association, along with the entire Wyoming City Schools Music Faculty, hosted yet another successful Flapjacks and Fortissimo breakfast on December 1. Despite the gloomy, rainy weather, the atmosphere indoors was hot and energized with Half Day flapjacks, Wyoming Community Coffee/La Terza coffee, and fabulous performances from over 300 music students. Thanks to all involved for the hard work that went into making this community tradition a great morning!

The Wyoming Middle School Jazz Band wowed the crowds with their holiday renditions. 

These sweet fourth graders, Kiersten and Emma, performed for the first year with their chosen instruments in band and strings.  

This is no joke: the kitchen student volunteers were all named Sophie/Sofia/Sophia on the early shift. 

Father and son, Christopher and Sebastian, were happy to volunteer together.

Wyoming High School Philharmonia Orchestra played several holiday classics for the crowds in their holiday attire, left to right, Katie, Hannah, and Paige. 

Suzy Henke enjoyed her son Luke’s senior year performance at Flapjacks. 
The Manton family worked up an appetite watching Henry’s performance – time for flapjacks!

The Wyoming High School Jazz Band did an incredible job performing, and many of these students were boarding a bus shortly after the performance to head to Canton to perform with the marching band – a very full day! 

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