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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Robin Hood: A Week of Fun with a Great Outcome

By Maggie Galvin   Photos by Summer Fisk
The week of November 12th, Missoula Children’s Theatre members Carly Weldy and Anna Stewart drove into town with a van filled with set pieces, scripts, costumes, and fun. The week of excitement was officially about to start. 

Over 60 Wyoming students participated and starred in Robin Hood. 
Missoula Children’s Theatre sends up to 44 teams to different places around the world. They have been doing so for 50 years.

Carly and Anna brought us Robin Hood, a very humorous production. It worked like clockwork. They knew exactly what to do. They auditioned the cast for two hours on Monday, and by Friday, we had a whole show ready.

Prince John (Maggie), Sheriff of Nottingham (Sabrina), Robin Hood (Piper), Maid Marion (Natalie), and Marion’s Maid (Morgan), were all in character for this photo.
Kindergarten through sixth grade met in the middle school’s Fay Auditorium for rehearsals. Some cast, like the assistant directors or Robin Hood (Piper Little), were there every day. Others, like The Sherriff of Nottingham (Sabrina Giolando), and Prince John (myself), had to be there for all but one rehearsal. There were two rehearsals a day. One was from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m., and the other was from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Carly and Anna taught us everything we needed to know, from lines to entrance cues and backstage sitting spots.

The cast was made up of Robin Hood, Prince John, The Sheriff, Horsemen, Guards, Merry Band, Sherwood (narrator played by Carly), Maid Marion, Marion’s Maid, Foresters, and Skunks. Everybody had a role, and played it well, thanks to Carly and Anna. We had an amazing time.

The four Horsemen were comedically put to test in a jousting duel on stage. 
Wyoming School Music Association (WSMA) hosted the first-ever week-long theatre camp for Wyoming students in kindergarten through sixth grade on November 12-17. Missoula Children’s Theatre came to Wyoming and magically produced a full-length theatrical musical in five days. Many thanks to the Wyoming High School drama students for serving as camp counselors, to Spencer Bowden for serving as accompanist for the week, and to the Donnelly family for hosting the directors. 

WSMA plans to host Missoula Children’s Theatre again in the fall of 2019. For more information, please join WSMA by visiting or follow WSMA on Facebook.  

In between the two shows on Saturday, the cast enjoyed a pizza dinner. 

The Merry Band of Sherwood Forest each had special talents. 

Best friends, Graydon and Della, posed with their flowers after the show. 

After the performance, the participants were all smiles with their flowers and great memories.

The Aristocrats were very official characters in Sherwood Forest.

The Foresters were the sneaky tricksters of Sherwood Forest.

The Horsemen prepared for a joust in Robin Hood as the crowds cheered. 

The Skunks were the youngest performers, and they were the stinky heroes of the musical.

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