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Monday, February 4, 2019

Fort Thomas Resident and Caregiver Opens Home to Five Foster Kids

By Jessica Stringfield-Eden

Fort Thomas resident Daniel Shearer certainly didn’t think that, at 55 years old, he would have a full house with five foster children but he asked God to give him something to do after becoming an empty-nester...and according to him, God answered.

After Shearer’s biological sons, Daniel and Matthew, moved out to start their own lives and attend college, he started reading and studying the Bible which inspired an urge to do more. “I had a 4 bedroom house and it was empty,” said Shearer. “I had taught Special Ed for 11 years and I just felt called to make a difference. I had faith in God that he’d keep me busy.”

Busy is an understatement and he said that God certainly delivered.
After a few different children were placed with him and then returned to their families, Levi (12) joined Shearer’s home and was then formally adopted by Shearer. Not long after, siblings Isaiah (9), Elijah (6) and Nevaeh (2) joined Shearer’s home. Then, an additional sibling, Jeremiah (15 months), was born and Shearer took him in as well at just one month old. Shearer wasn’t about to say no.

“When you get them, they’re yours. The Heroin epidemic is so bad and I know I can change lives and I knew I could do that by fostering,” said Shearer. “All the children are improving. Mrs. Whitney McKay’s buddy program at Johnson Elementary has helped them develop confidence and social skills.” 

In addition to his growing family, Shearer, is also a full-time caregiver who has been caring for the same client for nine years. Shearer uses his faith to keep going. “I just keep serving. I keep reading the Bible and tell myself ‘You gotta do this,”said Shearer. “I don’t get any sleep and it’s been eye-opening. It definitely increased my respect for single parents. 

This has been a labor of love and it’s tough at times.”

Despite the tough times, Shearer is pursuing adoption for all of the children in addition to Levi. He also receives help with the kids from his adult biological sons as well. Shearer described it as the ‘joy of doing’ and encourages others to consider this path as well to help kids in the foster system succeed.

“There’s a calling for it. Open up your heart. Change one life, you change the outcome of a whole lot of lives. To change one kid, you can break the circle.”

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