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Monday, January 28, 2019

Realtor Lori Williams: Cincinnati’s Sovereign Networker

by Connie Springer

Lori Williams

“You always know the guy to call!” a client once told Lori Williams about her special gift for networking. 

Williams, a commercial and residential realtor at Comey & Shepherd for the past 12 years, also is certified in relocation and referral exchange, helping people find homes all over the country. 

Having studied business administration and marketing at the University of Cincinnati, she worked in the field of international sales and marketing until her three children - now 18, 16 and 9 - were born, when she realized her need for flexibility in her work schedule. With a love of architecture and attuned to the fine touches of older homes, a delight for interacting with people, and a talent for selling, she earned her real estate license from Hondros College.

As well as selling real estate, Williams is the local sovereign of networking and promoting neighborhood businesses.

That is why last April she posted a request on her online site, Lori’s Community Page (, for Hyde Park and Oakley residents and business owners to contact her to be interviewed by her for a feature on community resources. 

“These interviews of local experts contribute to the vibrancy of our area,” she explains. “People want to know what’s going on locally and appreciate having these kinds of referrals.” Thus far Lori has interviewed artists, a financial planner, a baker opening a new store, exercise studios, a window company and a business writer, among others. She always is looking for more responses from community professionals.

Williams also contributes to American Lifestyle Magazine, which goes out to her clients and offers home tips. 

A lifelong resident of Cincinnati, Williams formerly lived in Mt. Lookout. She enthuses about Hyde Park as the classic Cincinnati neighborhood to which people gravitate for its beautiful architecture, its proximity to amenities and its family feel. Oakley has become the up-and-coming location in which to live, a hot market with its new housing, restaurants and breweries.

Williams’ education in real estate and marketing never ends. She keeps up with real estate laws in continuing ed courses, many provided by Comey & Shepherd’s Education Center. She appreciates the great marketing team and professional photography offered by Comey & Shepherd and feels supported to do her own business branding drawing on her unique style.

Williams is an expert in familiarizing herself with the community in which a client wants to buy – she drives around and gets to know what each area or town has to offer including schools, trusted vendors, and amenities so she readily can give the most useful information to her clients to help them make the best decisions.

Her industry has recognized her strengths. Recently she was honored with the President’s Club Award by the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors.

One of her greatest skills is being attuned to both the buyer’s and seller’s needs. “I like to find out what the seller loves about his/her home, such as specific fond memories and the home’s history, and communicate these to the buyer to make sure it’s the right fit for him or her,” she explains. 

Nothing makes Williams more satisfied than to make her clients happy. “I am persistent,” she adds. “I don’t give up until I find someone just the right home in which they’ll be content.” She is proud of the fact her client base is “generational” – she has sold to parents and then to their adult children – and she often becomes fast friends with her clients, exchanging invitations with them to family events.

Williams thrives on the fast-paced market of real estate. Recently she had 22 showings of a house within 14 hours, culminating in a sale. Yet she also finds the time to volunteer on the Board of A Caring Place, a help center for women and families in need, and to pursue her hobbies, such as hiking and fishing, weight training and arranging dinner parties of home-cooked fare and special wines.
In the future she plans to continue to keep a steady business flow and to continue to make her clients happy.  To this end, in the fall she plans on offering classes to share her expansive knowledge of home selling tips, such as keeping up with home maintenance on a steady basis and on a good schedule to make your life easier when you go to sell.

For further information, contact Lori Williams at or 513-227-0021. Visit her online at or

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