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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Around Town: Wyoming Halloween 2018

We asked, and you delivered! Wanting your best Halloween photos of 2018, we had over 30 submissions - thank you for the overwhelming response. Halloween 2018 was rainy and cold, but it was an otherwise ghoulishly delightful evening. The enthusiasm and love of Halloween in Wyoming is fantastic. Thanks to all the photographers and costumed friends for sharing!

The teachers and staff of Hilltop primary school were in fantasy land with their unicorns – complete with unicorn security detail.

Emoji-land was happening at Elm primary school.

Cincinnati favorites, two cheese coneys, to go. 

This sixth-grade crew was ready to hit the houses for candy.

High school “candy hander-outers” filled an all-important task of the evening. 

These seventh graders looked highly suspicious in their gangster attire.

The eighth-grade girls were hardly recognizable under all the wigs. 

Montana showed off her WYO pumpkin as she handed out candy to the hundreds of trick or treaters. 

This Laramie Trail gang was getting salty… and peppery – waiting to begin trick or treating.  

The Huber heroes were ready for an incredible night.

In character were the spooky Haboustak kids.

The Bob’s Burgers Crew - better known on the other 364 days of the year as the Stockton family. 

“We are all mad here!” with the Cheshire Cat, Alice, and the Mad Hatter.

Luigi, Mario, a bat, and a ladybug were not bothered by the rain at all while trick or treating.

These creepy kiddos were in character for the photo shoot. 

Costumed families had the best Halloween. 

Waldo was in the house – with some great dance moves too. 

These super (s)heroes surely saved the day.  

The Fent family was off to see the wizard!

Pure trick and no treat for this Steelers fan. The Ritchie Avenue Bengals fan gave him a can of lima beans.

Margot and Mia’s bloody wounds can’t be fully appreciated in this photo – but the girls were oozing in disgusting body art.

Thing 1 did not feel like cooperating for the photo, and, pointing fingers, he blamed Thing 2 and the Cat in the Hat for pausing for the photo op. 

This neighborhood gang was ready to hit the streets of Wyoming. 

Family Fortnite fun for Halloween. 

Fornite costumes were intricate and popular!

This gang were happy to be trick or treating even in the rainfall that befell the second half of the evening. 

These fifth-grade girls were having a blast trick or treating on their own. 

The Vermonsters were ready for action!

Pop up tents came in handy for the parents during the light, but persistent, rainfall. 

The Mouch girls dressed as a mermaid and a jellyfish – which were the best costumes for a rainy Halloween!

A family that trick or treats together, stays together – and this gang of seven were having a great time with one another all night long. 

The littlest unicorn at the Hilltop primary parade was adorable.

The Mouch, Albarella, and Bostick trick or treaters were ready for action. 

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