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Friday, December 7, 2018

Around Town: Wyoming Homecoming 2018

It can be said that the Wyoming Homecoming Parade is the same every year… BUT new this year was the uninvited guest of rain. Still, not even a delayed start, wet crepe paper, and ever wetter high schoolers could stop the enthusiasm this community has for its favorite annual tradition. Same as it may be, the love for this parade never gets old. 

It starts with the always impressive Wyoming High School Marching Band, next the four classes of high schoolers march and chant alongside floats they spent a week in team building exercises “pomping”, then a smattering of scouts and cheerleaders throw candy at spectators, and the big finale is Wyoming’s old fire truck. 

We love this parade. We love the familiarity. We love the class bonding opportunity for the students. We love the community spirit. Heck, apparently, we even love it in the rain! We love our Homecoming in Wyoming. 

The parade passes by quickly - just like the four years of high school. Whoosh. And the faces change again. Time to savor the two minutes that was Homecoming 2018 with these great photos. 

The fifth-grade girls were ready for fun.

The Schwab and Hyland families were eager for the parade to begin.

Siblings and buddies, these Wyoming kids’ enthusiasm was contagious.

Olive and Kayla stayed dry during the rainstorm awaiting the parade.
The Brockman family were decked out in their Wyoming blue. 
Wet but ready for the evening’s fun were Aubrey, Sophia, and Lily. 

Mia, Mya, Elise, and Malena donned matching handmade “WYO” shirts.

Maggie, Hollis, and Sophie were ready to watch their last parade before they get to participate next year. 

Macie, Isabel, Emma, and Grace were all smiles despite the bleak weather. 

Rainy parades with free candy were designed for 7th grade boys in mind.

The Wyoming Homecoming Parade is a favorite community tradition tailor made for all ages! 

The dab. The rabbit ears. The boys of Oliver.  

NEW empty nesters kicked the party up a notch with their youngest children now freshmen in college, left to right, Jackie Clarkson, Karen Jordan, and Kristen Knoebber.  

A closed street and recent rainstorm were logical reasons to run shirtless and shoeless on the Pike – it doesn’t get much better than that.  

And the parade begins with the Wyoming High School Marching Band. 

These cowboys marched with pride! 

In their first Homecoming parade, the freshman represented with their Captain America float.

The sophomores marched along with their Batman float. 

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its’ the Class of 2020 – the juniors! 

These seniors ran the entire parade!
The seniors won the float competition with their Spiderman float.  

The girl scouts were happy to throw candy to all the spectators. 

Showing off their candy collection, these kids were thrilled to end the parade with Halloween sized bags of treats!

The Wyoming High School Concert Choir along with the 7th and 8th grade Wyoming Middle School Choirs jointly sang the national anthem. 

The student section of the stands was overflowing with enthusiasm and teenagers. 

This gang of 7th graders had a great time at the game. 

These sweet faces were happy away from the game indulging on their Wyoming blue chocolate.     

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