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Sunday, December 2, 2018

aeqai Fall Benefit and Art Auction Held

By Laura A. Hobson

aeqai, an international online visual arts magazine, held its 11th annual fall benefit and art auction at the Cincinnati Art Galleries, 225 East Sixth St.

Daniel Brown, editor, said, "aeqai is now in its eleventh year of operation as a nonprofit journal of the visual arts.  We continue to offer thoughtful, in-depth reviews of exhibitions in the visual arts, both in area nonprofits and commercial spaces."

aeqai has a readership of 55,000 and 470,000 monthly hits.

Rick Vogel (Hyde Park) and Cedric Michael Cox

Ron Bates, Randy Lasley (Hyde Park) 

Lynn Rose Phillips and Steve Phillips, former Hyde Park residents

Joe Julnes Dehner and Noel Julnes Dehner (Hyde Park)

Sally Hamilton (East Walnut Hills) and Daniel Brown

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