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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wyoming High School Alumni Get On-the-Job Experience in Israel

Five Wyoming High School graduates spent this past summer as interns in Israel. They are part of a group of 22 college students from across the Greater Cincinnati area taking part in Onward Israel, a program that places Jewish students in internships in their chosen fields of study in Tel Aviv. Read all about our proud Wyoming High School Alumni and their experiences:

Wyoming Alumni (left to right) Jay Klein, Samantha Abel, Kelsey Jobalia, Marisa Warm, and Ivan Meisner snapped a group shot during their internship in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Ivan Meisner
Ivan Meisner started his junior year this fall at The Ohio State University, where he studies Electrical Engineering. This summer he worked for StarTAU, an entrepreneurship organization of Tel Aviv University. Ivan helped prepare them for a huge innovation conference they have in the summer. At his internship, Ivan got to network, interview, and meet various companies and investors that attended the conference. 

Jay Klein
Jay Klein is a junior at Depauw University, with a major in Communications and Psychology. This summer Jay worked at a company called Media Shakers, which is an advertising network. In his position, Jay worked with the company to help build a new digital marketing project from the ground up. 
Wyoming Alumnus, Class of 2016, Jay Klein was ready to spend a day at the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Kelsey Jobalia
Kelsey Jobalia is a sophomore studying Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. However, her internship was not something directly related to her academic work. She was the Online Community Manager for the Tel-Aviv branch of the largest global startup community. Startup Grind plans monthly networking events for entrepreneurs and helps them to connect with others in the startup ecosystem. Kelsey was able to flex her creative muscle as she develops graphic content for her chapter’s online footprint.

Class of 2017’s Kelsey Jobalia posed for a picture with her boss at Startup Grind in Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Marisa Warm
Marisa Warm is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, with a major in Communications and Ethnic Studies. She has spent the last 16 months traveling all around the world. While in Tel Aviv, Marisa was an intern at the African Refugee Development Center, where she was a higher education case worker. At her position, Marisa helped refugees gain access to a better education. There are various classes at the center that refugees can take that count toward their high school diplomas. The Center helps refugees in other ways, too, including help with resumes, applications to universities, women’s self-defense classes, and Hebrew classes. 

Samantha Abel
Samantha Abel began her senior year at The Ohio State University this fall, where she studies Marketing and Fashion. She was an intern for a fashion app called Zeekit that lets you virtually try on clothes. Her assigned tasks included helping out on set of photo shoots, creating a college ambassador program for the company, and finding new ways to market the app. 

Onward Israel
Onward Israel is made possible through a Cincy Journeys post-high school Israel travel grant funded by The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati with additional funding from the Jewish Agency for Israel. Grants are administered by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. Programming is administered by JVS Career Services. Through the Cincy Journeys program, Cincinnati Onward Israel interns are in the unique position of participating in this incredible experience for free.

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