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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Summer Vacation 2018: The Highs and Lows

Every year we ask readers for their submissions of summer vacation photography to celebrate all the great things happenings for Wyoming friends around the globe and right here at home. This year we wanted to explore the highs and the lows – the views from the top floor to under the sea – from atop of the highest peak to the lowest tide. Many thanks to these community members for sharing their photos of all the fun! 
The Seyerles hiked uphill and off the grid all the way to Glacier National Park’s Grinnell Glacier, left to right: Anna, Maria, Sophia, and John. 

Siblings were getting down and having fun with the Wyoming Touch a Truck event: Max (front), Maddie, and Gehrig (back). 

Hitting the waves at Folly Beach, South Carolina was a great way to spend your summer vacation. 

Emmy had a summer high performing with La Comedia Dinner Theatre at their summer camp!  

Adrienne was living life through and different point of view in Venice Beach, Florida. 

The Class of 2024 celebrated the end of summer under the pool water at Wyoming Swim Club. 

Wet from all the fun swimming, these girls were ready for the start of their last year of middle school.

These smiling, wet faces are now almost halfway through their fifth grade year!

The Class of 2031(!) were seriously adorable at their pool party at Wyoming Swim Club.  

The Rec Center Luau was a highlight of the summer for Sue Wampler and Lois Griswold. 

The Under the Sea camp at Beyond the Barre was a fishy way of dancing away the week.  

The JWC Back to School Bash was a highlight of the summer – and the face painting booth was super popular! 

UP and away! Huber-Jahns family had paddle boarding fun in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The Huber-Jahns family went under the sea caves of the Apostle Islands, in northern Wisconsin.

The Presbyterian Church of Wyoming Youth Group travelled into the mountains and down to the sea in tropical Costa Rica. 

This gangly group had on and under-the-water fun at Winton Woods. 

Emmie was living the high life in Vancouver. 

Chariots were able to race on the firm sands of Utah Beach at low tide. 

Top of the Eiffel Tower at the top of the hour – the tower was aglow in sparkling lights. 

No elevators at the medieval pilgrimage site of Mont St. Michel in France – walk the bridge to the island, meander the single uphill street, and THEN the climb to the abbey is 350 stairs. 

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