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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Children’s Book Good Morning, Wyoming Offers a Child’s-Eye View of the City

Wyoming is known for its tree-lined streets and wholesome family activities. It’s a place full of kids, and even for those who have grown up and moved on, Wyoming is a place filled with memories.
That makes it perfect fodder for a children’s book. This fall, the city of Wyoming is launching a children’s book, Good Morning, Wyoming, to spotlight all the things that make Wyoming special, and the city will be using the book as a way to encourage locals to shop at Wyoming’s small businesses.

Marlena Hebenstreit and Emma Carlson Berne are the illustrator and author respectively of a new children’s book titled Good Morning, Wyoming.
Good Morning, Wyoming was created by Wyoming-based children’s book author and Hamilton County Public Library Writer in Residence Emma Carlson Berne and award-winning artist Marlena Hebenstreit. In Good Morning, Wyoming, a small child--embodied by a playful squirrel--explores the city and many of the sights familiar to Wyoming’s smallest residents. The pages are filled with small surprises, nods to places and people Wyoming residents will know, hidden throughout the book so that there’s something new each time you read the book with your children.

Marlena working on the paintings that will appear in the new children’s book about the Wyoming community. 
Emma Carlson Berne grew up and is now raising her children in Wyoming; Marlena Hebenstreit was raised in nearby Cincinnati by artist parents, and she is now raising her three children in Wyoming.
Good Morning, Wyoming will be on sale at Wyoming’s small businesses, and residents are being encouraged to trek into shops they might never have entered before. Simply buying the book somewhere new is itself a way of exploring other hidden gems around Wyoming.
The book will sell for $12 retail.

Good Morning, Wyoming was created with support from the Wyoming Art Show, What’s Up Wyoming, and the Wyoming Recreation Foundation. City profits from the book will be reinvested in community events. The book will be available for holiday shopping – be sure to check Wyoming Living on Facebook for updates on where to purchase your very own copy – for your own children or for the child in your favorite Wyoming resident!


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