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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Jemail Photography - A Legacy for Over a Century

Professional photographer John Jemail advances the already famous Jemail legacy of photography.  His great uncle, Jimmy Jemail, was the “legendary” first photographer/columnist for both the New York Daily News and Sports Illustrated; while his grandfather, Emil Jemail, was photographer/editor for the Newport Daily News.  
A beautiful landscape
Taking his cue from the 100 year tradition of his family passion, John attaches his own personal style to three specialties: portraiture, event and creative.  He strives to blend his talent with your vision to create images that are truly personal, interesting and lasting.

Creativity is a hallmark of Jemail Photography
Having photographed local celebrities and European nobles and sovereigns, John’s works have been displayed in many galleries. He also has won several awards, including The Cincinnati Enquirer and Post Images Photography contest.

A portrait of a young man and his pet pal
Jemail Photography is involved in “artful fundraising” with its FotoFund, founded and dedicated to financially supporting non-profit organizations, schools, colleges, churches and charitable groups. Participating organizations receive 51% of the sales, while the remaining 49% of the proceeds cover licensing, copyright and production fees.

For more information, call 513-236-4064 or visit

Jemail Photography is making a special offer - for every photography session booked as a result of this article, a donation will be made to a local non-profit.  In Hyde Park, the recipient would be The Cincinnati Observatory Center.

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