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Friday, September 28, 2018

Bob Roncker’s Running Spot Passes the Baton to JackRabbit

It’s Still All About People

By  Connie Kolita (a longtime employee)

There was a small, yet touching event, that took place in O’Bryonville. Bob Roncker’s Running Spot, which has been in business at this flagship O’Bryonville location since 1981, officially “passed the baton” to new owner JackRabbit Sports; and the “JackRabbit O’Bryonville” signage, was officially unveiled. 

Though local running legend Bob Roncker (and his wife Mary Ann) of Hyde Park sold his store back in 2013 and retired, Bob was back on this day to walk down memory lane one more time and talk with beloved customers and employees. The name of this running/walking/general fitness store may have changed, but I am here to tell you: this store is still all about the people.

JackRabbit O’Bryonville employees boast years of running experience and years of working to make customers happy. There are two employees hired by Bob Roncker back in The Day and still work for us to this day. 

Senior Sales Associate Jody Collier began working with Bob in summer 2004. A beast of a distance runner in her own right - she trained for then finished the full Flying Pig this year - Jody continues to work full time.

“My co-workers are competent and ridiculously fun to be around,” says Jody. “And I love our customers, many of whom I have known for more than a decade.” 

Jody feels like she makes a difference in customers’ lives when it comes to getting them into the right shoes, apparel and more. “Some people may not know this, but we get customers in here every day who have issues,” Jody explains. “These folks are in pain; they have running injuries, ankle braces and boots. Maybe they were in a car accident and things still hurt. When we measure them, perform a gait analysis and get them into a good pair of shoes, some stand there and cry. Now that’s rewarding!”

Sales Associate Ed Colley began working for Bob even before Jody did - 17 years ago in spring 2001. Though Ed performs measurement and gait analysis, he goes above and beyond by specializing in techniques such as ice massage as part of a target cure for customers dealing with injuries. He helps those suffering from shin splints, plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome and more. A licensed massage therapist and former collegiate national champion in the triple jump, Ed also loves to also talk cross country, track and music. 

As for me, I am our sales and marketing associate. I run distance trail mostly, and I love this job. In the years I have been here, I feel such “community” in this store - from the training groups that gathered here, to 20 years of the W & S Thanksgiving Day Race packet pickups, to the free consults from podiatrists, doctors and physical therapists, to yoga upstairs, to the talk about running (then talking about running some more) with so many friends. That is why I work here.

The customers aren’t just any retail customers; they tend to prioritize health and wellness in their lives. Kaitlin Ryckman of Oakley keeps coming back to JackRabbit O’Bryonville.

“They know about distance, nutrition and hydration, and gear, especially trail shoes,” said Kaitlin, an ultramarathoner. “The trail shoe selection is good at this store, better than I’ve seen anywhere else locally.”

Customer Ebony Grieb has purchased numerous pairs of road shoes here as she has trained for the Flying Pig Marathon. “Years ago I was in your full marathon training group, and I ended up finishing my first 26.2,” Ebony recalls. “I’ve been coming back for shoes since.”  

“They” say you can count on a certain number of things in life, such as death and taxes… as well as change. So even though Bob Roncker’s Running Spot has officially become JackRabbit O’Bryonville, our employees are still here ready to help our customers and our beloved exercise community. We can’t wait to see you in store at W & S Thanksgiving Day Race packet pickup. 
Here’s to my favorite “Spot” - JackRabbit O’Bryonville - Where Fit Happens!

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