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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Around Town: Swordfish Swim and Dive Team Summer

We asked Wyoming Swim Club Swordfish Swim and Dive Team members to write a few words about their summer experience. Thanks to the following writers for capturing all the fun that was had. 

Olive Berry, Fifth Grade Swimmer and Diver
My swim and dive season this summer was awesome! I loved going to practice and meets even if the water was freezing cold. I made a couple new friends, and all of the coaches were so fun. I got better and better throughout the season and had a good time at finals rooting for my team. Being a Swordfish is always so fun, and I know that I will do it again next summer.

Nicholas Denson, Graduating Senior Swimmer, Coach, and Former Diver
This year, the Swordfish had another fast and fun season! From the annual shaving cream party to successful A and B championships, it’s been a blast at every practice, meet, and event. Through the past 13 years I’ve been on the team, I’ve been a swimmer, diver, and coach, and I’ve felt the Swordfish love in every season. As us seniors leave the team, we hope that the younger swimmers continue to thrive and enjoy the opportunity they have to be on this team!

Benjamin Gloria, Eight-Year-Old Swimmer
Hi, I’m Benjamin Gloria and I moved from Atlanta, Georgia at the end of May. This season I swam for the 8 and Under Wyoming Swordfish, and I had my best season ever. The team was very friendly and lots of fun. The coaches taught me more than I had been taught before. Also, WSC has the best “Fun Fridays.” The meets were the best, because when we would tell the coaches our time they would give us candy - that’s why the Swordfish are the best! If you’re looking for a fun, friendly, and great swim team, I’d say the Swordfish will be great for you.

Caroline Gloria, Ten-Year-Old Swimmer
Hi! I’m Caroline Gloria and I’m new to Wyoming. I moved from Atlanta, Georgia at the end of May. I swam for the Swordfish this season, and I really enjoyed it. One of the things that I found awesome about the Swordfish was the friendliness of everyone. From the very first day I instantly felt that I belonged. Some of the things I found different from my old swim team was that the coaches were friendlier and better at coaching! Also, we didn’t have a Gaga pit at my old swim team. I found Gaga to be really fun. We never had Fun Friday with different foods at my old swim either. If you at interested in joining the Swordfish I would totally recommend it too you!

Will Knapp, Eighth Grade Diver
I had a good time on the dive team for many reasons. We did fun activities like going to the Beach water park and canoeing. The games on Friday mornings were fun too. The coaches were encouraging and pushed me to do more than I thought I could.

Sophia Le, Seventh Grade Swimmer and Diver
The swim club is a great place for my friends and I can hangout. Also, my family will grill out occasionally, with friends. We can hangout, talk, and swim while we are there. It’s a great place to go in the summer to spent time with family, friends, or people who you are yet to meet. It is an amazing place to be in the summer, especially with my siblings or my friends. 
The swim club swim and dive team is also another wonderful part of the swim club. As much as I don’t like to do swim, the coaches are what makes it enjoyable. As for dive, the coaches are always pushing you to improve. They are persistent when you don’t think you may be able to do the dive or flip. The best part is Friday Fun Day we get to have breakfast and swim rather than have swim practice. 

Izzy Lenning, Fifth Grade Swimmer and Diver
I liked being on the Swordfish Swim and Dive Team for many reasons. One reason is that our swim coaches would challenge us to competitions, and if we won they would do something awesomely funny – like cannonballs off of the blocks. The dive coaches were really helpful, nice, and very funny, especially when we had theme nights at home meets when we would wear crazy costumes. Another reason I like the Swordfish Swim and Dive Team is that we learn fun cheers to encourage our teammates to swim faster. We even got to show our team spirit by marching in the Wyoming Fourth of July Parade. I think other kids should join the Swordfish Swim and Dive Team so that they can meet and hangout with a bunch of new friends and learn to become strong swimmers and amazing divers.

Zach Robinson, Eighth Grade Diver
Summer diving is pretty fun, even if I had to wake up early. The canoe was awesome, and I love the coaches!

Quincy Trush, Seventh Grade Swimmer
I L-O-V-E swimming with the Wyoming Swordfish. It’s a great experience for all ages – whether you’re a Junior Swordfish or you’re swimming with the 15 and 18-year-olds. The actual swimmers and the coaches push their efforts for everyone to have a good swim season. 
I’ve been a Swordfish swimmer for a long time.  I started as a Junior Swordfish and next year I will be in 13-14. It is a great pleasure and an enjoyable experience to have been a Swordfish swimmer for that long. Being a swimmer at the Swim Club is just in general a treat. 

The 11-12 and 13-14 girls swimmers had a lot of fun both in and out of the water. 

Will Jordan, Grayce Akers, and Nicholas Denson were the graduating seniors on the Swordfish - the trio were also swim coaches. 

The Disney themed meet was a favorite – here the dive team prepares to dive under their Disney aliases (“next diver is Minnie Mouse”.) 

The Swordfish Dive Team Coaches (Rebekah Schuholz, Charlie Donnelly, and Bo Bottenhorn) posed with their 8 and under divers. 

The 13 and over boys’ relays were all smiles when fresh out of the water after the final event of the night. 

Lauren, Frannie, Kat, and Piper were ready for their relay.

Diver Ilusha Gerasimchuk won first place in the P.P.S.L. for the boys’ 15-18 dive competition, and he also earned a Coaches Award. 

Annie, Cora, Greta, and Darby were a fast relay team. 

Coach Nicholas struck a pose with his relay team of 9-10 swimmers. 

The youngest of the Swordfish were ready for their closeups on team picture day.  

Friday Fun Day Breakfasts were delicious before dive practice or after pool games for Anna (dive), Morgan (swim and dive), and Mia (swim). 

These wet, happy faces were ready for pancakes at the team breakfast.  

Annabel, Ella, and Caroline had fun at Friday Fun Day. 

Zach and Will were members of the Swordfish Dive Team, and they also dive for Wyoming Middle School.

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