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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Around Town: A Super Fourth of July Parade

POW!  ZAP!  SHAZAM!! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Wyoming’s Super Hero Fourth of July Parade. Donning their best capes, hundreds of Wyoming’s finest marched, twirled, and pedaled to the beat of their own super powers on July 4 - while another (few) hundred super people watched as the parade passed by. 
Kids rode bikes, pushed scooters, marched, walked, or skipped along the parade route – all while attempting to throw candy to eager bystanders.
Since it only comes but once a year, the Wyoming community pulled out all the stops for this hometown favorite event. A huge thank you to the super city planners, police, and fire fighters for organizing a full day of non-stop activities, including this super parade that kicked off the celebration of our nation’s birthday. Enjoy the photos and reliving the enthusiasm that Wyoming brings to these super small-town traditions. 

A full orchestra performed in downtown Wyoming after the parade. 

Decked out in their super hero finest, this gang of boys hit the parade route in the back of a jeep.

This gang of Wyoming Cheerleaders were ready to put some spirit into the parade.

Wyoming’s Jenn Goodin and Jen Eismeier are both CEOs for Cincinnati non-profit agencies AND they both twirl batons – flaming batons! 2018 marked their parade sequel, and they proved they were just as talented as their 2017 debut. 

Volunteers came out to support the parade and the city in many capacities – including traffic guards.

The Kaiser siblings had just returned from vacation, but they didn’t dare miss the parade!

Juliet, Ava, and Zoe watched and cheered from the sidewalk.

These fifth graders were decked out in their red, white, and blue for the celebration.

The Wyoming Boy Scout troops served as color guards for the festivities. 

The Wyoming Swim Club Swordfish Swim and Dive Teams marched in the parade..

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