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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Around Town: May Fete 2018

This annual rite of passage did not disappoint the hundreds of May Fete-ing attendees. As the rain held off for most of the day, guests were able to enjoy the Ali Baba, Alien Invasion, and Scrambler before eating way too much, dying their hair, and spending $15 to win a can of silly string. A great time was had by all! Many thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that make it all happen!

These sixth graders had a great day at May Fete.

Fourth grade never looked so good (or had such fancy head gear).

High school students have the day off and are encouraged to volunteer at May Fete. This gang landed in Pee Wee Ville.

The face painting booth, led by the highly qualified Teresa Le, trained student painters before letting them put brush to skin. 

Admiring your new face painting in the mirror was a May Fete highlight. 

Sophia was put to work at the Wacky Colored Hair booth.

All ages loved the rides. 

The only ferris wheel this year was for the youngest kids, but there were lots of hands up in the air!

Smushed and laughing were the best combination.

Wyoming Historical Society May Fete Marker Dedication Ceremony

At 3:00 p.m., with the May Fete festivities down the road, the Wyoming Historical Society unveiled a new Wyoming Historical Marker in front of what is now Wyoming Middle School. The marker was sponsored by the Lynn and Don Larson Family, who were introduced by Wyoming Mayor Barry Porter. Wyoming Middle School Student Council Vice President, Michael Chen, also spoke, and members of the Wyoming Middle School seventh grade orchestra performed with teachers Laura Coomer and Lynn Denney. 

The Wyoming Middle School site was marked as the original Wyoming Avenue School Property – which has consistently been a school since 1842. The original wooden building was replaced by an eight room brick building in 1880, from which Wyoming’s first senior class of five students graduated in 1885. In the decades since the first graduation the site has been home to a grammar school, a high school, then a kindergarten-12th grade school. The last class to graduate from a building on this site was in 1971. Since then, this site has been a dedicated middle school. 

Thanks to the Wyoming Historical Society (Sherry Sheffield and Carol Beeson), Barry Porter, Lynn Tetley, the Larson Family, Michael Chen, strings teachers Laura Coomer and Lynn Denney, and the seventh grade musicians for a lovely tribute to Wyoming’s history. 

This large crowd of people were all in attendance for the Wyoming Avenue School Property Historical Marker Dedication. 

Wyoming Middle School seventh grade orchestra played for the crowd before the marker was unveiled – and they played again at the end of the dedication. 

Left to right, Lynn Tetley, City Manager; Sherry Sheffield, Wyoming Historical Society; Barry Porter, Mayor; and Lynn and Don Larson, sponsors;  were all involved in the Wyoming Avenue School Historical Marker Dedication. 

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